Baby Girl’s Nursery

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This nursery is a project I have been dreaming of for a very long time.  I wanted to combine my favourite colour white with pretty florals and baby elements to make it the perfect baby girls nursery.  Most of the nursery furniture was either DIY restorations or bought brand new from Ebay.  My mum has also been hard at work sewing the bassinet quilt cover.

Design Inspiration

I wanted a fresh, clean and beautiful room that when you walk in felt relaxed and peaceful. I was inspired by many other nursery's on this amazing website Project Nursery!

Decorating Style

Fresh, clean, crisp and beautiful.

Project Details

My husband and I restored the chest of drawers and the change table by using a spray gun to paint on the white gloss.  The gloss is easy to wipe clean and gave us the crisp look we were hoping for.  My mother and sister's restored the rocking chair purchased from Ebay by painting it white and sanding it back to give it a different texture than the other furniture in the nursery.  I bought glass knobs from Ebay to add to the chest of drawers instead of using the wooden originals, this lifted the entire look making the whole set beautiful.

Favorite Items

My favourite items are the frame one of my best friend's gave me which perfectly describes the baby I am about to give birth to.  This verse is from Psalms in the bible and touches my heart as my husband and I took a long time to fall pregnant with the help of IVF.  My other favourite item is the Silver Cross Kensington pram.  Even as a child I would dream of pushing my own baby around in a vintage pram, this was my splurge gift to myself.


Simple colours with simple furniture and then you add any features your heart desires.


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    Gorgeous nursery!!! I really love the colors and the simplicity and elegance. Wonderful job mummy! I am sure your baby girl will adore this room.

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    Such a beautiful nursery! Can you tell me what you got the mosquito net/bed canopy from? I have been looking for a “fuller” one for some time now. Thanks!

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