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Our Baby Girl’s 1st Birthday!


The main idea was to have a party that was simple, but bright, and that it followed a theme very loosely. Two years ago, we had a party for our oldest girl that was a success! It was beautiful and simple, catered to adults and kids. So I wanted to repeat that experience in a very similar way. Instead, of a circus theme, we went with "under the sea" theme. We kept the idea of using vintage colors for the design of invitations, labels, and overall decor. Vintage colors worked well the first time, so we couldn't escape using it as a cohesive way to marry the flowers, with the banner, balloons, piƱata, etc. And like the circus theme party, the food for this party also related to theme and we either served seafood items, or foods that we could allude to sea life. So under the sea it was!

I worked on a simple pattern to represent water and designed a few elements (submarine, whale, and sun) to throw in another color or two as part of the design for the tags, cards, labels, invitation, etc. This variation of colors and elements was, then, represented in the decor of the party in the form of tassel garlands (water), balloons (sun), a photo prop (submarine), and a piƱata (whale). The piƱata was commissioned and it was a hit! The photo props I ordered on etsy, and the cake and desserts were made by a friend (fat gabby's cakes on Facebook).

Everyone had a great time, especially our girl. photo credit: Tate Tullier

Design Inspiration

The inspiration was our oldest girl's first birthday. It worked out so well last time that we just wanted to change up the theme and color scheme.

Decorating Style

My decorating style is simple, simple, simple, but always making good and cohesive use of color and iconic images or patterns.

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Tuesday 17th of December 2013

[…] Our Baby Girl’s 1st Birthday! by camileaos Kristin, of Project Nursery, says. “We love seeing the ‘Under the Sea’ theme in the galleryā€”there are so many great ways to execute the details. This party shines with the adorable printables and the clever captions that all play into the theme. “ […]


Thursday 21st of November 2013

That's a really lovely pinata! What did you give as party favors? I can't tell from the photos.


Thursday 21st of November 2013

Thanks! The pinata was really a total hit! We gave out spiky lighted rubber balls (sea urchins) and a bag of swedish fish (fish bowl goodie bag). The latest was a reference to the invitation! (see below)