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Baby Girl Nursery


Nursery perfect to any little girl and/or princess.

Design Inspiration

I knew I wanted her room to be "girly" but i didnt want to stick to a certain theme.

Decorating Style


Project Details

I found the furniture at a store in Manassas called Baby2Teen. I really liked their selection. The bedding was also purchased there. - A little expensive but that is where i spent most of my money. Everything else I budgeted. Walls: This is a great DIY project. I found a stencil that i liked online. I did 2 walls with the stencil and did 2 walls in a solid color. I thought this would add a great touch to the room but not make it too over whelming. It also was a great way to get my husband involved in the project.  Decorations: Just about everything came from HomeGoods or Target. As I shopped through out my pregnancy i would buy things i liked. I wasnt sure how i was going to pull the room together, so i just saved the receipts and returned the items that i didnt use. Lighting was purchased as Lowes  

Favorite Items

My husband has dark hair and dark features. I on the other hand have blonde hair and blue eyes. We always played the guessing game as to what feautres she would be born with. I decided to frame our baby pictures and hang them on the wall. It added fun to the excitement and as she grows we compare her to our photos. FYI. she has brown hair and blue eyes! :)

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  1. avatar Julie says:

    That tutu onsie is ADORABLE! Where did you find that?

  2. avatar jholland says:

    Thank you! the color is Benjamin Moore-Potpourri –It was a little bright at first…but once i put everything together, i loved the color. -Good luck!

  3. avatar Monica Cardona says:

    Hi, I love the room, KUDOS!!!

    I’m looking for a similar green, annd after spending $28 in samples, I’m tired, can you tell me who and what paint color your green is?

  4. avatar Judy says:

    I really really love that green color. What color did you use?

  5. avalon and Martina,

    It’s not wallpaper! I thought it was too but she used a stencil! :)

  6. Gena,

    She said she got it at Lowes.

  7. I love this one!

    I thought for sure it was wallpaper! Love the stencil idea so much more. :)

    Plus, are those frogs on the mobile?! We used frogs all over my sons room. Love them!!

  8. avatar Gena says:

    Where did you get the chandelier???

  9. avatar Martina says:

    I love this nursery! I am looking for ideas all over and this just might be most inspirational nursery for me! I already have wall in similar green shade but I was looking to add pattern on the wall and this wallpaper looks so beautiful, soft and delicate! I also have very similar furniture from Yung America! Thank you!

  10. avatar avalon says:

    I love this shade of green, coupled with pink. The room looks fresh and girly. I also like the wallpaper, which doesn’t look too loud.