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Baby F’s happy place


We currently live in a rented, small 3 bedroom house. As a result, I had various constraints such as no painting of walls, no additional hooks on walls, window treatments as is. All rooms also had double beds so the amount of space was also limited. I needed to work within these constraints to create a young, fresh and vibrant nursery that would fit with the rest of the house, grow with the baby and not create too much clutter.

Design Inspiration

I had tons of inspiration by looking at blogs and design websites, however a lot of the rooms that I loved were out of reach for us in our rental (eg. creating beautiful built in shelves, striped walls or windox boxes). Ultimately the inspiration for the colour scheme and tone of the room came down to the gorgeous Ella and Olli Piccoli bedding I came across which I felt was stylish and fun. The blue, yellow, grey and white colour scheme flowed on from there although I deliberately did not want a hugley colour co-ordinated or "matchy matchy" room. So adding in the colourful wall hanging and some pops of red added a point of difference. Most importantly I wanted a place that I would feel happy walking into and spending time in with our new baby.

Decorating Style

Fresh, playful and modern. I didn't want the room to look like a nursery as such, but a fun room with colour, style and gorgeous things to look at.

Project Details

Crib - Grotime Chez cot
Crib bedding (sheet and play quilt) - Olli and Ella Piccoli
Elephant blanket - Rhubarb
Penguin wall decals -
Customised letter F -
Grey chair - Cappelini
Wall hanging -
Dresser and side table - Lilly and Lolly Colourbox collection
Red apple - Typo
Booties -
Double bed bedding -
Penguin soft toy - campfireculture on Etsy
Striped bunny toy -


Favorite Items

My favourite item is probably the penguin softie as I have a fetish for penguins. I also love the colourful Blink Designs wall hanging, they have fabulous products.


Start early and do a lot of research before you start buying anything. You will come across so much inspiration but not all of it may work in your room or with existing pieces you have. By looking at over 100 nurseries I came to realise the common features I liked and could recreate. If ordering online make sure you can return as you will probably end up doing this. Try and have some kind of colour scheme as it just makes it easier to narrow down your purchases, but generally buy pieces you love as you will make it fit somehow. So try and stick with one overall mood though - whether vintage, modern, eclectic or traditional so the room feels in harmony. Although sometimes a great vintage piece looks fabulous alongside something modern so it all depends on your taste and styling.


Tuesday 24th of July 2012

Love how that penguin wall decal looks like it's about to jump into the crib! So cute! Overall, I like the simplicity and crisp-ness of the room.