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Baby Ethan’s new room


I suppose this is premature since I still dont' have the bedding, curtains or my glider yet, but I am so excited that all the painting is done and the nursery furniture is in!

I'm just so excited!

Design Inspiration

Originally I was undecided between a classical nautical theme and a Dr. Seuss room. I decided on the nautical, but saw the disappointment in my husband and son...I asked why and they both really liked the whimsy of Seuss. I decided to see how I could take what I wanted and build in some whimsy so I came up with this :)

Project Details

The painting I did. I found pictures from google and rather than order the decals, I drew it out and painted it myself. I did order the seaguls from
Etsy because I was not going to stand on the step ladder at 7 months pregnant to paint all of those gulls lol. The seaguls cost 25.00.

Everything above the water line is white, and anything I add below will be in color. I do plan on adding a few fun sea creatures at the baby's level. The plan is an octopus, crabs and a few oysters with fun eyes for the baby to discover when he starts crawling around :).

I also registerd for the Nautica mobile which is the blue, white and green and incorporated some of that Nautica green into the waves on the walls.

The bedding and curtains will be from Sweet JoJo Designs and is the Hospital White and Navy design.

I'll post more pictures after my baby shower when hopefully I will get the missing pieces :)

the furniture I got from a friend - 3 pieces for 250.00

The mirror with the rope accent (16.00), the anchor frame (6.00) and the netting above the closet (7.00) were all from Hobby Lobby during a 50% off sale.


Favorite Items

I can't decide :) Maybe after I have all of the missing pieces I'll decide :)


Monday 10th of June 2013

I'm sure this room is going to look a lot more wonderful once it is done. do share photos of it with us.


Thursday 23rd of May 2013

Cute paintings! You should upload the photos when the nursery is all done!


Wednesday 10th of July 2013

Thank you :) my shower is next weekend so hopefully I'll get the missing pieces then :) I was laid off my job so I couldn't do any more myself unfortunately!