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Baby “E’s” Paris nursery


Handmade aqua and pink French nursery

Design Inspiration

The amazing papercut map of Paris from the French company Famille Summerbelle and the gorgeous daisy fabric (curtains) from Heather Bailey.  I was also inspired by etsy, ohdeedoh, and of course project nursery.

Decorating Style

Eclectic, vintage, playful, and happy.  

Project Details

I love to reuse and repurpose.  This is our fourth baby (first girl) so budget and being environmentally friendly were very important.  All the furniture was bought at thrift stores, and then sanded, painted, and fitted with new hardware.  Even the fixed rail crib was a craigslist purchase!  The bumper and sheet set were from ebay (originally PBK) and the flower blanket and pillow were sewn by me (more Heather Bailey!)  I made a lot of the artwork and then filled up other spaces with items I fell in love with on etsy.  The zigzag blanket on the bassinet was knitted by my mother- in-law, and the paperdoll bookshelf was created by my father-in-law!

Favorite Items

The hot pink paris map!


Pick only items that you love or have special meaning so your room will have real lasting power.  Repurpose items you already have and ask for the help of talented friends and family!

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  1. avatar Alicea says:

    What is the paint color please?

  2. avatar mama4 says:

    Thanks for the compliments!  The hot air balloon fabric decals can be found on etsy at: lovemaestore and the quilt was made by a talented woman here in Colorado and can also be found on etsy at: piecesofpine


  3. avatar ShandiA17 says:

    Ok I LOOOVE the quilt on the chair !! Where did you get that beautiful quilt??

  4. avatar ShandiA17 says:

    Ok I LOOOVE the quilt on the chair !! Where did you get that beautiful quilt??

  5. avatar leslielou820 says:

    where did you get your hot air balloon decals? i have been looking for some everywhere that are feminine, and have had the hardest time.thanks!

  6. avatar avalon says:

    So many cute details here, I love the artworks, the stuffed dolls, and the mobile by the window. And yeah, that paper map really is a work of art!

  7. avatar BriskRain says:

    Wow, that paper-cut map sure looks interesting. I wish you had a better close-up photo of that. I’d like to look at the details. Papercut designs have always amazed me.  I also like the little whimsies you have added in here. It is one nice and feminine nursery!

  8. avatar Anita Roll Murals says:

    Very sweet room.  I love that you reused many items.  The nursery has such a great feel to it.  Nice job.