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Baby Davis


Neutral Grey Nursery waiting for the arrival of a baby. Once we know the gender a name will be added to the wall above the crib and pink or blue accents will be added.

Design Inspiration

The inspiration for this room came partially from not knowing the gender of our baby and being in love with grey this year.

Decorating Style


Project Details

Paint Colour is part of the Benjamin Moore Affinity collection called Storm .  Our glider was ordered through a baby boutique but is made by a Canadian company called Monte. We ordered the Luca in charcoal with white piping, this was one of our splurges in the room.  I love the look of lower modern cribs and since I am short as well I felt this would be a great design to get baby in and out really easily so we selected the Elements crib by AP Industries.  This was not my most favourite crib however it best matched what I was looking for within our budget.  We painted a tree on the wall to give dimention and a photo gallery that will be filled with images of the baby once it arrives to give a personal touch.  We used an old dresser that we had painted it and changed the fixtures to make it more modern looking and hung simple white drapes with seems down them from Ikea to again give texture to the room.  Once Elle was born we took a trip to Pottery Barn Kids to add pink accents.  We purchased a fitted crib sheet, change table cover, a toy bin, a laundry bin, and a large throw pillow.  We also added her name over the crib to give a personal touch.

Favorite Items

My favourite item is the tree we painted on the wall and the Monte glider.  Worth every penny!!!


Don't be scared of grey.  It took us forever to select the proper shade and it still looked really blue after the first coat.  The second coat and white trim really helped take the blueness out of it.  Also try to think about how you can use peices you already have to help shape the room.  I like the eclectic look so even through our dresser was really old the painting and hardware changed the look completely and gave it a little more modern feel.  Finally if you are thinking or painting your own mural chalk is amazing.  You can sketch it on and simply wash it off if you don't like it.

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  1. avatar lairdsmom says:

    Ah!  I LOVE this room!  You did an amazing job on it!  The colours flow together beautifully.  I like the modern feel to it.  I am just not a “Winnie The Pooh” kind of gal!!!!  (No offense to anyone that is)!  Very inspiring!  Hey!  I am just down the highway from you in Kitchener!  Even better!  AWESOME job neighbour!!!!!  :)

  2. avatar ChicMomma says:

    Thanks so much!  The picture is actually a piece of material I got in the ends section of a fabric store.  It had monkeys and zebras on it so I cut a piece and put it in a frame.

  3. avatar booie says:

    I love this room! Great job! Can you tell me where you got the zebra picture that’s above the change table? It’s adorable!

  4. avatar jrml says:

    Love the color palette and the use of the frames — nice touch!

  5. avatar ChicMomma says:

    I tried finding a website with the bedding collection on it and cannot find it anywhere.  I actually bought it as a store in Canada called Homesense it is very similar to TJ Max, Marshalls, or Beals.  The bedding package says SOHO Living, Modern Life, Modern Living and was made in China.  Other than that I can’t find it.  So sorry!!!! :(

  6. avatar agirlofgrace says:

    I love this room!!!  My husband and I are also not finding out the sex of the baby and we both actually agree on this room!!  Yay!!  So, I saw that you did your bedding with a duvet cover from Soho but I can not find it any where.  Can you give more details like the place or a web site I can go to?  I would really appreciate it!!!  

  7. avatar ChicMomma says:

    Thank you so much!  I searched high and low for grey bedding and couldn’t find it anywhere.  I visited a number of fabric stores and still couldn’t find what I was looking for so I ended up buying a duvet cover by Soho.  I cut it and sewed it into bumper pads.  What I loved about it was that it was white on one side and grey on the other and I was able to use the edging/pipping of the duvet on the top of the pads.  I am no sewer and it really wasn’t that hard to do. 

  8. avatar Little Apple Design LA says:

    Great room! Congrats. I am a huge fan of grey myself. Where did the bedding come from?