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Baby Damask


Pink and Black Damask.

Design Inspiration


Decorating Style

I just find something I like and make it work.

Project Details

I love Etsy!

Favorite Items

The bedding.


Have fun!

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  1. avatar Bridget says:

    Where, oh where, did you find the sheer curtains? or the fabric to make them yourself, if you did? :)

  2. avatar cara says:

    Where did you get the chandelier? Love the colors?

  3. avatar dsauro says:

    I love the window coverings and rug! Mind sharing where you got them?

  4. avatar KelleJoya says:

    The pink and black combination is really eyecatching.  Feminine yet not overbearingly so.  I love what you did with the ribbon mobile too.  Best goth chic room I’ve seen on here, so far!

  5. avatar Saradest says:

    I love the ribbon mobile and the bunny pillows! So very sweet!

  6. avatar Dandelion says:

    Hi NKBST, I have to commend you for the great color combination here and how this all came out very neat and clean.  I so love this room, especially the ribbons you have there serving as mobile. 

  7. avatar NKBST says:

    The pillow came with bedding and I had it embroidered, but you can purchase it from the website ( already done for you. The blanket purchased off ebay, it is actually a burp cloth over the chair and it has the matching bib.

  8. avatar smithm21 says:

    I see you have her name on things such as the pillow and blanket? How or where die you get this? I really love this nursery. I am doing the same colors i love the black and white contrast! I look at yours and sophias nursery and would like to take some ideas?

  9. avatar NKBST says:

    I purchased it from

  10. avatar israelson says:

    Is your bedding homemade or did you get it somewhere?