Baby C’s Room

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Our baby's yellow and grey room. Photos:

Design Inspiration

We weren't going to find out the sex of our child so we wanted something modern and neutral.

Decorating Style

Modern with bright colors.

Project Details

Nursery Details Crib: Ikea - Gulliver

Change table: Ikea – Expedite cube (with drawers)

Curtains: Jysk

Chair: Classifieds (Kijiji)

Side table: Ikea (bought it off Kijiji)

Artwork: Etsy - A-Z poster + Parrot; Numbers; You Are my Sunshine; Rest were DIY

Wall Vinyl: Etsy - Designed Designer

Bedding: Etsy- Cottage Belles

Side Table: Ikea

Lamp: Home Outfitters

White throw: Ikea

Favorite Items

The change table. I don't like traditional change tables because they only have one purpose. As soon as we are done with diapers we plan on using this expedite cube for storage and toys.


Use the local classifieds. As much as the chair doesn't match the room, we spent $20 on it, and it is the most comfortable chair and fits me and my short legs perfectly! (trust me when you're 5" tall, rarely can you find a chair you can touch the floor in).

Oh and be careful with Etsy. Once you start, you can't stop :)


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    I love seeing the Gulliver crib in a real room because we like that one too.  Honestly, I like the chair.  I think it’s the perfect unexpected accent color.  Green and yellow complement one another anyway.  I also like how you’ve painted an accent wall but didn’t put the crib on it.  The wall we want color on won’t work well for the crib.

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  3. 3

    Yellow and grey is somewhat an out-of-the-ordinary color combination. And you did an amazing job using it.

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    Love the embroidery rings. And the fact that you have a few thrift finds here. And don’t worry about the chair. As they say, comfort should be the top priority!

  9. 9

    Love the wall arts, and the curtained closet. And love the yellow theme. It makes this room sunshiny and bright!

  10. 10

    What is the name of the yellow fabric on the outside of the bumper?  It’s gorgeous as is your nursery!

  11. 11

    HI! I would love to do embrodiery rings? I know nothing about them? Would I just find them at a craft store and get matching fabric? Lovely room!!

  12. 12

    love all the wall art! can i just ask where you got the little size seperaters in your wardrobe, such a good idea.

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