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Baby C’s Nursery


I've daydreamed about creating a nursery for years... finding out I was having a boy presented a challenge for me - as I had only envisioned a pink shabby chic room! Decorating for a boy seemed daunting to me - I didn't want trains or trucks - little by little this is what came to be!

Design Inspiration

The quilt hanging above the crib - I didn't make the top, but I did do the finish work on it - my first quilt and not an easy task!

I found it at an antique store on a trip to Connecticut at 15 weeks pregnant and said, if it's a boy, this is his nursery inspiration!

Decorating Style

Have nothing in your home that is not meaningful, beautiful, or useful...

Project Details

I made the window treatments which are hung with simple knobs (use toggle bolts!) and string/clothes pins- the quilt is hung the same way! Very inexpensive and it makes a statement, for sure my favorite part of the room.

I made the bedding and recovered the chair (purchased oof Craigslist) and the bookcase idea was borrowed from Penny Carnival.  I used Anna Marie Horner fabrics which I purchased from Intown Quilters

The biggest investment in the room was the dresser from Haverty's (in the clearance section) - everything else was put together and created by me and my husband. The crib, though new, was inexpensive!

I painted a lot of the frames myself and bought some off Etsy from The Art of Chic.

Artwork came from Trafalgar's Square and JK Vinyl Designs along with a few special pieces from friends, and a diaper caddy I had when I was a baby.

Everything I gathered was put together by love - there is nothing on his walls/floors/dresser/shelves that is not special to us...

*photos taken by a friend: Meg Davidson Photography

Favorite Items

The bookcases! Or, the dresser? Or collage of frames with his family? The quilt above his bed, or even the bedding?! I can't pick just one...


Follow your heart - find something and work off of that. For me it was the quilt - I firmly believe that rooms will create themselves if you let them. Perhaps if this had been in a different home, with a different layout, I would have created something completely different. Do what feels right and don't listen to others - except that one friend who you trust completely!

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  1. avatar Lauren says:

    Who makes the crib?  Gorgeous nursery!

  2. avatar vaohara says:

    Love the room and the quilt!

  3. avatar charitylh says:

    12+ – most of your questions are answered already in the description :) I did make the bookcases, there is a link to where you can find a tutorial above. The quilt was something that his mommy made for him, so it’s special to us.


    CK – I say go for it!! I found that using more of an aqua that a traditional blue made it more fun :) Go for it girl, don’t be scared of color :) I looked everywhere for the paint color, which is why it took me so long to reply to this! (that and baby Myers made his debut last week!) I couldn’t find it anywhere :(  I’ll shoot you a message if I find it.. my advice is, find something without too much orange in it (look at the base color below it/around it) and go lighter than you think. When painting yellow its the hardest paint to cover, we did 3 coats on nearly white walls!!) get a paint w/ primer…

    Thank you taint! 

  4. avatar 12andcounting says:

    I adore the colors you have for this room!   But I am a little undecided about that quilt though.  I have to admit that it’s a unique touch, but it might be too much for a  nursery.  I love the pictures on the walls, they really light up the room.  Did you make the book cases yourself?  Where did you buy those?

  5. avatar ckramos says:

    I love your nursery! I am in the same boat–had lots of shabby chic ideas, but am having a boy. I am also planning a yellow/red/blue vintage-esque nursery and was so glad to see your nursery for inspiration and confirmation that my colors aren’t too girly. What color is your wall paint? I am having trouble finding the “prefect” yellow.

  6. avatar taint says:

    i like the frame collage- cute that some of them just contain quilted fabric. nice job