Baby B’s Nursery

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My husband and I are waiting to adopt and wanted to create a warm and colorful space for our sweet baby to be.

Design Inspiration

The room had recently been painted, so we didn't want to paint again.   We felt the warm blue/grey color could be good for a girl or a boy.  We originally found bedding that had polka dots and little grasshoppers on it.  That was the inspiration.  As we progressed with the room, I no longer wanted the grasshoppers, so out came the scissors and the sewing machine! 

Decorating Style

I just go with what I like!

Project Details

 I took apart the thick quilt and used the polka dot fabric to make the table cover on the small table with the lamp next to the glider.  The lampshade was a great find on clearance at Babies R Us and the white lamp base is from Target.

I shortened curtains that I found at Target and the polka dot/stripe fabric that is along the bottom came from the bumpers.  (We plan to use the breathable bumpers when the time comes. I know they are not as cute but we feel more comfortable with using them.) 

The polka dot/stripes on the wall were inspired by the changing pad cover.  I found the adorable little jungle animals, matching fabric and frames at Joann Fabric.  The animals originally had little hooks attached to them but were easily removed to be placed on the walls and baskets.  I made the pillow on the glider and the crib skirt (dark chocolate brown minki dot fabric). 

The artwork is DIY.  I cut out the animals from small canvas pictures that I got at Joann Fabric.  The background is scrapbook paper and the lettering is scrapbook stickers.  We spray painted the frames and used knobs and ribbon to hang the pictures.

The elephant, animal blocks, and orange basket on the dresser were all DIY.

The quote on the wall was just perfect!  I found it at  We chose to hang it without the stars that it comes with.  You can custom pick the colors and size you want.  The small frames are from Joann Fabric(they look much smaller in the picture, but actually frame it quite nicely).

The polka dots on the wall were custom ordered from . I just figured out what size diameter, what colors and how many.  Super easy to install!

The Project Nursery and HGTV websites were great for ideas!  I saw the elephant hamper in two other rooms on Project Nursery.  I had to have it!  It was ordered from Amazon. 

The orange circle rug was the perfect finishing touch.  I found it on

Favorite Items

Oh, so many, but I would have to say the elephant hamper and the artwork are my favorite things.


Have fun!  Get creative!  Don't be afraid to take parts of something you like and change it into something you will love.  In the end, you will have something totally unique and very special for your baby!

Look at other nurseries  on Project Nursery for ideas and browse the craft stores.  You never know what you may find!


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    Love the pops of colors everywhere, especially the orange accents. And the messages on the wall and the frames are such sweet words! Good luck on the adoption!

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    Love the pops of colors everywhere, especially the orange accents. And the messages on the wall and the frames are such sweet words! Good luck on the adoption!

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    Oops, sorry, I don’t know what got to me…copying Kellejoya’s comment. I just meant that I agree with her. What she said are my exact thoughts about your room.

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