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Baby Big Foot’s Nursery


When I found out I was pregnant, one of the first things I did was start dreaming about the nursery. I had an idea of what we wanted if it was a girl and a different idea for a boy. Well when our ultrasound came up, we could not tell if the babe was a boy or girl...but I was just dying to get started. I took my two ideas and smooshed them together...ending up with our turquoise, orange, and yellow color scheme. We found out later it was a boy, so I began adding in cute little guy elements.

Design Inspiration

There are a couple nurseries that inspired me in my every day scouting of Project Nursery, Ohdeedoh, and so on.  Overall, I was in love with turquoise and knew I had to launch from there.  I also found a shower curtain with zoo animals and bright colors from Target.  It inspired the rest of the room and acts as the closet "door."

Decorating Style

modern, colorful, ecclectic, budget

Project Details

Almost all of our furniture were hand me downs or Goodwill purchases-We used a lot of spray paint!  My goal was to spend very little on the room (and we succeeded!)  To do so, most accessories and frames are yard sale or thrift store buys either as is or painted.  We also did a ton of DIY projects...I found pieces I liked online (ie mobile, window garland) and felt confident I could accomplish them on my own.  My husband is also a very talented artist, so if I had an idea I liked...I could call on him to design it without having to shell out tons of money finding something online.  (He made the monster prints, pirate print, wooden animals, and foot stool.)

Favorite Items

All of it!   I just love that we made so much of the room, and how it all came together.  I am really obsessed with the Mustache Number Print that I bought from Etsy (seller:sugarfresh), the monster prints by my husband, the window garland by me, and the elephant hamper (that I saw in so many other nurseries.)


My advice is to find your talents, or your siginificant others and friends, and incorpoorate them into the room.  Also you never know if you can do something unless you try!  It is easier to find things to work into a theme or color scheme if you pace yourself, and not try to find everything at once.  Spray paint is your best friend if you have a scheme that includes hard to find colors.  (Orange is impossible :))  Lastly, ignore people that give you a funny look when you tell them your ideas for the room....I got a lot of them, but now everyone loooves the nursery!


Sunday 28th of October 2012

Love the room! Where did you get the bins for the diapers and wipes? So cute!


Sunday 29th of April 2012

I love the colorful letter fabric used on your boppy pillow, where did you get it?


Friday 27th of April 2012

I LOVE this nursery! Where did you get the turquoise fan? Very beautifully done :)


Sunday 29th of January 2012

What a great room! Where did you get the Jesus loves me print?


Thursday 26th of January 2012

Where did you get that shelf? It's great!