Baby Bella’s Sweet Buttercream Nursery

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Since I discovered I was expecting a baby girl I picked the most sweet, creamy & sticky design ideas and ran to my mother´s house to share my collection of "provisional pictures" all from Pinterest.

My Mom, interior designer Maribel Salcedo, a specialist in baby nurseries, children rooms and spa designs; is herself a very busy, perfectionist artist, famous for not being shy when it comes to use/ apply colors and textures.

For her, everything is possible, malleable, and if is not available, it can always be made by hand.

Immediately we joined our interpretation of creamy ´n luxurious, and started to work on baby Bella´s pinkie/ irresistible nursery project.

We have enjoyed so much the whole process, from ordering the wallpaper to choosing the textiles and applying the final details.

First child, first granddaughter, and the princess of an interior designer, baby Bella´s is already a very spoiled baby, and we do think her nursery reflects how crazy we all feel about her.

Enjoy with us the result of this journey and live in your own flesh the joy of expecting a baby girl!





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