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Baby Ava’s Nursery


Ava's nursery theme is pink, grey and white stripes, polka dot and chevron pattern. This is our first baby and we wanted to make her room very special and unique. I designed the nursery myself with help from my husband.

Design Inspiration

The inspiration was the colors pink, grey and white with an emphasis on the chevron pattern. My husband and I painted stripes in our laundry room, I always knew we would use the same technique in our nursery if we had a girl.

Decorating Style

Modern with a fun girly twist!

Project Details

Crib- Montana Crib BRU

AVA chevron canvas- DIY I bought supplies at Hobby Lobby

Bedding-Pottery Barn Kids- in Harper Light Pink

Rug- Pottery Barn Kids

Dresser- Montana BRU

Glider- SAVVY Glider & Ottoman in twill grey with white piping Buy Buy Baby

Shelf on wall- Hobby Lobby

Curtains- Pottery Barn Kids bought off Ebay

Window Hardware- BB&B

Roman Cordless Shades- BB&B

Pink Clock- Hobby Lobby

"TOYS" canvas baskets- Homegoods

Large Shelf- purchased from local boutique when they closed (hand built)

Picture Frames- DIY

Wall Decal- Etsy Seller WildEyesSigns

Canvas Diaper Caddy embroidered with "AVA" Etsy Seller Bridget's Stitches

Polka Dot Lamp Shade- DIY

Lamp Base- Pottery Barn Kids

Growth Chart- Hobby Lobby

Polka Dot Chest of Drawers- Hobby Lobby

Favorite Items

"My Magic Telephone" book- a book my grandmother read to me as a child

Glider- A splurge but I love it!

AVA canvas- I was really proud of this DIY!


I think it is really important to take your time designing your nursery and don't be afraid to try new things or do a DIY! It's amazing how much money you can save by making things yourself.

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  1. avatar Mallory says:

    Yes, the 20% coupon is awesome! I think the grey is a great choice! Enjoy your glider! :) M

  2. avatar Leeshie says:

    Thanks for your reply! Agree with everything you mentioned. We debated getting it in Navy, but I really loved the Gray color and figured it was gender neutral and would work in other areas of the house one day down the line. I’m about 5’7 so I also had a hard time finding a comfy glider that didn’t look like it was specifically made for miniature people or one that caused me to sink into it….. AND it seemed more narrow than other gliders – as our room isn’t huge either. All that being said – we went for it because for the price, (with the 20% off coupon) it was about the same as we would have paid for one of the wooden ones that i didn’t like as much. Or one from Walmart that we would have had to order site unseen. Now it’s just a waiting game – it should be here within the next week or so – hopefully it arrives on time!

  3. avatar Mallory says:

    I really love the way the glider looks in the nursery and so far it also seems to fit nice. The room is not huge so I was worried bringing in too many pieces of furniture. Also, even though it was expensive I felt it was actually a really good deal since it included the ottoman and if you want you can even order custom fabrics or patterns. I just liked the grey best for our room and I can re-use it for a baby boy if we were to have a son next time. My baby isn’t here yet, so I can’t say if its comfortable for nursing or rocking a baby. However, I have sat in it from time to time to just imagine what that time will be like and I find it very comfortable. I am also 5′ 8″ so I had trouble finding a chair that had a tall enough back that I could rest my head back (a big problem with the gliders at BRU). But I think this was a good fit. With all that being said, I hope you love your glider! I was so anxious for it to come in stock! Its very exciting! Good luck to you and thanks for the compliment!

  4. avatar Leeshie says:

    I ordered the same Glider from Buy Buy Baby (same colors and everything since it’s so neutral) – still waiting for it to arrive – do you like it? I sat in it in the store, and at first it felt like it pushed forward a little, but for the price (which was still more than I wanted to spend) i went with it because it was (a) pretty (b) muuuuch cheaper than some of the others (c) more comfortable than the wooden ones that were less expensive. Interested to hear your opinion on it now that it’s officially IN your nursery! (Beautiful nursery by the way!!)

  5. avatar Mallory says:

    Thanks! Valspar (Allen + Roth) “princess”-pink “the bubbly”- white
    The grey wall is Behr I think the color is porpoise?

  6. avatar says:

    What color paint did you use for the walls? I love it!