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Baby A’s Modern Mix Nursery


A casual modern space to spark Baby A's imagination through the years. Since we used the nursery as a guest room before Baby A's arrival, I wanted the room to be able to grow and transition as a boy's room, a gender neutral kids room, or back into a guest room in the future.

Design Inspiration

The Project Nursery gallery, of course! After going through many galleries of nurseries posted online, I was inspired by the modern spaces, the chevron rugs that seem to be everywhere, and wanted to create a space for Baby A that was colorful and playful yet not too cutesy.

Decorating Style

Modern casual. I wanted the nursery to flow with the rest of our house, which has a modern casual feel to it.

Project Details

My husband and I are avid travelers and have a massive collection of animal pictures from our travels. I started creating a wall mural of animal flashcards with actual pictures from our travels to use above the crib, but ended up using a mural from on of our baby showers. I'll have to save the animal mural for future use. That said, the "Once Upon a Time" mural is one of my favorite things in the room. I came across the rug on Overstock and the animal bookends at Home Goods, and had to incorporate them. - Paint: Behr Premium Plus Ultra Misty Surf - Crib: Babyletto Mercer - Crib bedding: SkipHop Alphabet Zoo and Land of Nod - Rug: Alexa Chevron Vibe Zebra, 8x10 - Shelves: Ikea Jarpen shelves and Bjarnum brackets. They are just the thing to hold all the books Baby A got during our baby shower! - Glider: Hand-me-down from a friend - Wall mural: One of our baby showers had a "Once Upon a Time" theme, and the decorations were covers of classic children's stories. I thought they were adorable, and the perfect safe-above-the-crib art. - Frame art: I loved some of the cards we got during our baby showers, and framed a couple of my favorites for instant nursery art. - Dresser, daybed, and bookshelves: Kept our existing furniture, repurposing the dresser for Baby A's use

Favorite Items

The wall mural, animal bookends, and rug. All of them defined or inspired other aspects of the room. We also got a few items that have been passed down in our families, such as the baby mobile that we had as kids, or the antique silver baby bottle, cradle, and swing that have been in the family for multiple generations. Of course, these all hold a special place in my heart.


Relax, and take your time to create a space that will work for you for the longer term. Repurpose as much of it as you can, because once your baby starts having his or her own opinions, you'll need to be able to update the space to suit their tastes anyway!