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B.E.C Elephant Baby Sprinkle


A combined Baby Sprinkle/Shower for my sister & two of our friends.  My sister and two of our friends were all having their second/third children within two weeks of each other. So at last minute, I decided to throw them a Baby Sprinkle (or really just a chance to have a girls night before their babies arrived!!!)

Design Inspiration

The design inspiration for this sprinkle was to have a simple, fun & relaxed evening. The elephant invitation set the mood for the rest of the party. Also, the three mum's favourite colours : pink, aqua & white with a touch of silver. A mini theme of the night was also the mum's to be (again) craving's : doughnuts, milk & eucalyptus lollies. Also, the first initial for each mum's name : Bethany, Emma & Chantelle = B.E.C.  Various party sites and project nursery helped with my inspiration.

Decorating Style

Simple, fun, creative & with lots of  personal touches!

Project Details

The baby sprinkle was going to be on a cold winter's evening in Australia, so we wanted the party to be bright & colourful to banish away the winter chills.  I pretty much had to create everything from scratch as there wasn't much decorating stuff in the theme colours in our country town. I started with the design for the invitation, and took the elephant logo & pretty much incorporated it throughout the party. I made the pom poms, pin wheels, the elephant cake, favor milk carton boxes, the "got craving" sign, elephant buntings, and all the other signs . I love to make each guest feel really welcomed, whether it's from the welcome sign at the front door, the food platters , games, favors to the custom toilet door sign / soap dispenser.  We played the dirty diaper game, made balloon babies and wrote funny quotes on nappies for the parents. One activity that went down a treat was : guess the baby's weight, date, gender, etc but I made up a one page calander and every one filled it in, they also had to give a suggestion for a girls/boys name - everyone loved checking out the guesses/suggestions (Also, it meant the mum could take it home with her and hang it on the fridge. Also, I made each mum a name tag to make her feel special (a little bit like "a bride to be" sash). This Baby Sprinkle was put together in less than three weeks, was created on a tight budget & I promised my husband I wouldn't kill myself trying to make the party "perfect" (it just had to be heaps of fun)!

Favorite Items

My favourite item would definitely have to be the fingerprint tree guest book - it really hasn't hit Australia yet, so all the guests loved it cause it was new & unique. It was also, a really special gift to give to the mum's to be so that it could remind them of all their friend's who love them and are there for them!! I also loved the elephant bunting on the dessert table, it was really simple but I think it added a touch of fun!


Have fun, keep it simple, try making things yourself to help your budget & remember to stop & enjoy the party that you are hosting!!!


Sunday 18th of September 2011

Thanks! I'm sorry to say that the fingerprint tree guest "book" isn't an original idea! I saw it on a baby shower story. I googled images and heaps popped up! Most were from etsy, they have heaps of really great ideas and designs. All the trees online were too big for my party (I only need a small tree for about 20 or so guests). So I drew the tree up myself and printed it on heavy paper, then framed them! They are really a great "DIY" project, simple & quick, but with heaps of impact. Hope you find one you like, your daughter will love it as a great memory, just like my sister and friends.


Thursday 15th of September 2011

The pink fingerprint tree guest 'book' is new to me. Is this an original concept? I'd like to use this in my daughter's birthday party!


Monday 12th of September 2011

It's great that you decided to hold a baby shower for three. It's three times the fun and way more convenient and practical. I like the colors you used and the finger print tree guestbook is such a cute and wonderful idea.