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Ayla’s Nursery


Vintage, DIY Nursery, Under $500, Thrifty,

Design Inspiration

I really wanted a room that wasn't traditional pink or blue, we knew what we were having, but I still wanted the wall color to be neutral. I wanted a vintage, hand made look. I also wanted a nursery that I  loved and enjoyed being in.  I got a lot of ideas off Etsy and various design blogs as well.

Decorating Style

vintage, "shabby chic",  and little bit of modern thrown in for good measure!

Project Details

The wall paint:  CIL Dulux - Bali Hai - Total Cost - $40 (for the paint and supplies)

"Jenny Lind" Crib - Bought Second hand ($60) and painted  yellow ($15) Total Cost - $75

Glider Chair - bought second hand ($40) I painted and recovered it ($20)  - Total cost - $60

Bedding - I hand made the quilt, crib skirt & crib sheet - Total cost for material and supplies - $100

Crib Sheet Tutorial -

Disapearing 9 Patch Quilt Tutorial -

The Crib skirt and curtian material was a table cloth that I've had in storage.

Crib Skirt Tutorial -

All Pillows - I made out of the left over Material from the quilt

Owl Pillow Tutorial -

The bumper pad - Bought from Baby'sRUs ($40)

Biege Rug - $20 JYSK

Change Table -  Given to me, it was brown and we sanded it down, and painted it white, we also replace the hardware. Total Cost for paint and Hardware - $30

Artwork - the embroidery rings - Bought at the local thrift store and filled them with left over fabric from my quilt

Total cost - $2

Tutorial Here-

Framed Art - painted an old frame white, got a free print from here:

Recovered the matte with scrapbook paper

Total cost - $0 (all supplies I had already)

All the White shelving I had already, just freshed them up with a little white paint

Knick knacks on shelving - all the books - vintage second hand, I made the A and the little elephant, Little pictures - second hand frames I painted white and filled with pictures I cut out of a vintage book. Glass ornaments - vintage second hand, Hedge Hog - H& M, Sophie Giraffe - Baby'sRUs,

Mobile - I made, Just cut all the birds, sun, cloud etc out of felt, sewed them up and stuffed them with batting, hung them on an embroidery ring with fishing line

Curtian - was an old table cloth, I made the swag out of the left over material from the quilt

Bookshelf - bought second hand ($2), I painted it white

Lamp - Vinatge second hand, I painted the base white and replaced the shade - Total cost - $10

Mouse "piggy" bank - Winners - $12

Name Sign - I hand painted

Bird Art Print (over change table)- Bought from Home Sense on Clearance - $9

Flower Mirrors (over change table) - Dollar Store - $5

Change pad - I sewed the cover  -  material and supplies - $20

In Total I spent less then $500

Favorite Items

It's really hard to pick one thing, but I really love the crib and of course the quilt that I made!


Take your time in choosing a theme for your nursery, that way you'll be sure to love it in the end.  If you have any Questions please Ask!!

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  1. avatar Dandelion says:

    @cherrylee:  I think that we should be the one thanking you for providing this wonderful nursery.

  2. avatar Ken says:

    Hi Cherrylee:  thanks for sharing pictures of this room.  It really is lovely.  It’s me who owe you one… kind comments are well deserved!

  3. avatar Cherrylee says:

    Thanks So Much for all your Kind comments!


    we spray painted the crib with a spraygun and a water based paint.

  4. avatar AR says:

    Very lovely!  This is definitely my style nursery.  Serene yet quirky.  Has a nostalgic feel that I’m really drawn to.  Wonderful job – especially at finding magnificent deals!

  5. avatar zjones says:

    Very Nice!  What type of paint did you use for the crib?  Spray paint?

  6. avatar AngelsBreath says:

    I think that you’ve done well getting away from pink and blue and coming up with this color.  I love this color as well.  And I think that you really created something really fun and beautiful here for a lot less money.  This room looks ten times as expensive as your actual budget!  Congratulations!

  7. avatar Dandelion says:

    Totally love the color you used here.  And totally love the shelves with an assortment of knickknacks, books, and figurines.  I think I fell in love with the idea of repurposing EVERYTHING and making all these look lovely and charming!  Thanks for sharing this room!

  8. avatar Ken says:

    Simply fabulous!!!!  I love how you made use of all those things in a creative way.  Especially adoring the embroidery rings with the fabric, as well as the curtains and the crib sheet. :)

  9. avatar islandfaerie says:

    I love your work! The fabric hoops and recovering the chair are my favourite bits…and the curtain bunting.

  10. avatar babylove2011 says:

    Great room! It looks like it was fun to decorate! And the good deals you got made it even better, I’m sure!