Avery’s Nursery

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Our first nursery. We both love books so much that we decided to go with a Children's Literature theme for Avery's room.

Design Inspiration

Children's literature all the way.  We asked friends and family for their favorite books and used them to decorate the walls.

Project Details

The outer curtain fabric, changing table, toy shelves, floating shelves, dresser, and dog hooks all came from Ikea.  The letters and scrapbook paper we bought at a local JoAnn's.  We spent hours surfing the net for book images (also scanned some ourselves) and got them printed at Wal-Mart.  


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    Oh this is so fantastic and has given me the idea for what I want to do with my baby’s nursery. Did you have any trouble finding the right size images off the net? I was thinking of going searching for actual old books from opportunity shops

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    As someone who loves books, I’d say this nursery is absolutely beautiful! It’s great that you are introducing your little one to the wonderful world of literature. Those frames with book cover prints are a really creative and unique concept.

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    Hi everyone and thanks for the wonderful comments. We obviously love books as much as you guys and we went a little overboard haha.

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    Yes, we had some trouble finding high quality images, especially for the larger 11×17 prints. So we scanned in pages/covers from some books we own so that we could have the hi-res images. I love the idea of taking actual old book covers and using those in frames, we just don’t have enough stores in our area to really find what we’d want, hence the prints.

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    What a wonderful and creative idea for your nursery! What color green is that on the walls?

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