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Ava’s Cinderella 3rd Birthday


I let miss Ava pick what kind of party she wanted to have this year. It wasn't hard to guess she would pick "Cinderella-y". Perfect choice! Such a classic princess. I first found the little stuffed mice on eBay which inspired me to work in the pink dress making scene from the movie. I was thrilled to find the pink dress from an online children's boutique (unfortunately now closed but can find similar on Etsy). After that it was just crafting and setting up for the event. She loved her dress and glass slippers along with spending the day with her family and friends. It was truly magical.

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  1. avatar Lauren Jones says:

    Hi Paige ! I found them at an antique store.

  2. avatar Paige Pearson says:

    Where did u get the thread rolls the mice are sitting on?

  3. avatar Lauren Jones says:

    Thank you! It was from the Disney website.

  4. avatar Krystle says:

    Hi there! That little castle in front of your fireplace
    Is so perfect! What brand is it so I can look o line for
    One. Thank you!

  5. avatar Lauren Jones says:

    Thank you Katelyn ! My kimono was from a local boutique called Shop Dress Up years ago. Hopefully you can find something similar. πŸ’–πŸ™πŸ»

  6. avatar Katelyn says:

    Where did you get your cardigan from? It’s perfect colors for a Cinderella party!!

  7. avatar Anna says:

    Simply BEAUTIFUL!!! My daughter had a Princess Pancake Party when she was 3! She wore her Cinderella dress. She turns 13 this year, and to my delight , she wants a Fairytales party. I will be borrowing some of your lovely ideas !!!
    By the way, we are rebuilding our home after a flood, …. where did you purchase your pretty lantern – like light fixture?! LOVE the curvy lines!!! We have been searching for the perfect ones.