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Ava in Wonderland by Modern Events


Designed by Modern Events & Ever After Floral Design & A Baby Shower for a special Mommy to be! Baby Ava was showered with lots of love, color, flowers and details.

Design Inspiration

Taking inspiration from Alice in Wonderland we created a unique UnBirthday Party! Using the older versions and the newest version of Alice in Wonderland we created a contemporary design with a vintage feel.

Decorating Style

Modern and Fun!

Project Details

Stationary: We did all of the stationary our selves to save on cost and to personalize the event.

Flowers:As a florist I was fortunate to save cost on doing it my self. However we did do topiaries out of styrofoam covered in moss with butterflies which were much more affordable and looked great. We sourced our tea pots from dollar stores and donation centers.

Linens: To keep the over all look consistent we used black and white with gold. Then when picking vases and details we stuck with that color pallet.

Cake & Cupcakes: For the cake and cupcakes we went with home made! We made the "Eat Me" Cupcake Toppers using a circle template on Word and a circle punch from a local craft store. To Do: You print your circles, cut and decorate and then you glue a skewer between two circles and your done. For the cake on top we just made a small cake and decorated with pre-colored fondant. For the Pop Up Book Topper look we had a comic book illustrator (who is also a great friend) and asked him to make the different portions. We used the same concept as the cupcake toppers by cutting the drawing out and  gluing a skewer between the drawing and a back piece.  For the Stand we purchased a stand from a local Home Goods and sprayed it hot pink.

Details: We had looks of fun with the details. We saved all the pickle jars I have been eating along the pregnancy and used them for games. We had an Advice Jar, Raffle Jar and other games. For the Seating Chart I used wooden dowels to create scroll like signs and hung these from the centerpiece on the signing table. For the Signing Book I purchase Alice in Wonderland and invited guests to write a special note to Ava.

Favorite Items

I loved the Cake Topper because it looked like it was straight out of a pop up book! I also really loved the signing book as well. Guests wrote special messages to our little girl. I am sure she will love that when she is old enough to read.


Don't be afraid to be adventurous! Determine a color scheme and theme and let that guide you. If you don't love something get rid of it! And most importantly start as soon as possible so you enjoy each project and not rush through them to get to the finish line :)

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  1. avatar tiffany says:

    where can i find a black and white stripe tablecloth like this one?

  2. avatar Tammie says:

    What a stunning baby shower. Amazing job!

  3. avatar Meghann says:

    Love it! Want to find a table cloth like that for my dining room!

  4. avatar Patricia says:

    Nicely done!

  5. avatar Andrew says:


  6. avatar Chrissy says:

    Love this! It is simply beautiful!

  7. avatar Heather says:

    Zsa Zsa:
    STripes, flowers and pops of pink, yellow and green? Love!!! :) Throwing a baby shower fora friend soon. This is inspiring! :)

    Dang, I hope you’re one of my friends! How do I get my friends who are throwing me a shower to accidently see this and be inspired?? haha!

  8. avatar Dandelion says:

    The floral arrangement centerpiece is just gorgeous!!! And I say that being a florist, you have the best job ever!

  9. avatar Leslie says:

    Lovely details! Love the teapot flower arrangements with the “drink me” tags!

  10. avatar Zsa Zsa says:

    STripes, flowers and pops of pink, yellow and green? Love!!! :) Throwing a baby shower for a friend soon. This is inspiring! :)

  11. avatar Honey says:

    Simply beautiful!

  12. avatar emsimpson7 says:

    I love any and all things black and white stripe and fresh flowers! Just gorgeous!