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Colorful Nursery?


Nursery for baby boy

Design Inspiration

I wanted to have a colorful nursery, but am stuck on ideas. We can't paint the room, and I am not really into baby animals, the alphabet, or transportation.

The only option I could think of is stretching fabric over canvas. But, it still looks a little empty, and at the same time, maybe too much color. We'll probably hang a smaller version of the moon/stars painting over the hamper.

Decorating Style


Project Details

I have solid crib sheets in blue, brown, and cream. The diaper changing pad and bumper (breathable) will be either light blue or light green. Or, there's a changing pad that matches the dotted crib skirt. Over the dresser, I am considering hanging a few simple animal or nature photographs, each in a different color frame. Or perhaps a simple shelf. Or the child's name once chosen.

Does all the color clash? Any advice (including whether to remove something) is much appreciated!! I won't be putting in a rug either.

Favorite Items

none in particular :(


Wednesday 21st of December 2011

Wow!! Thank you!!


Friday 16th of December 2011

I would go with a solid colored changing table cover since there are a number of other patterns but it could have texture like that plush bumpy fabric or a subtle pattern like these stars that would go with your picture:

You could add a solid colored ribbon in a criss-cross on the fabric canvases you made and use them to hold pictures like a french memo board. I would only do that on the smaller two though because doing all three could look cluttered.

I would either put a bookcase in place of the hamper or one of these (depending on the height of your window) Expedit shelving horizontally under your window. I like the Expedit open shelving because it works nicely for bins, baskets or just books and toys that your little one can get to and you don't have to anchor it to the wall like you will a bookcase. You may have to push your crib against the wall but having it catty-corner eats up floor space anyway. I don't know if you like white furniture but getting this or a bookcase in white will help keep the room from getting too dark. Just be sure to use a few dark bins or decorations to balance it with the dark furniture. But if you do want another dark piece make sure to use light or bright colored baskets or fabric bins to keep it light.

If you are worried about putting holes in the walls definitely consider going the decal route! You could even do glow in the dark stars and moon decals to go with your picture. If you push the crib against the wall you could place a quote like this above the crib and move the fabric canvas above the dresser. You could place these circles around the room randomly or as a border:

If you want to do individual frames above the dresser but not animals you could do an astronaut, spaceship and picture of the moon. They can be vintagey pictures rather than cartoonish if you like that better. Hope this helps! Happy decorating!


Wednesday 14th of December 2011

You can still do a lot with this room. Just don't be afraid to get creative!


Tuesday 13th of December 2011


Thank you!!!!

(We are avoiding curtains so as to avoid the wall holes.)


Monday 12th of December 2011

curtains maybe?