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Everly’s Room


I really enjoyed creating this nursery.  It started with two colors - Pink and Tiffany blue.  I decided I wanted brown accents- I wanted feminine but not overly pink.  Having a lot of hand made elements was important to me and I really built the room piece by piece.  Owls and unicorns made their way into the design and I think that everything is tied together by color.  Everything in the room has a little story with it, from the rocking chair we found on craigslist and refurbished to the Ugly Dolls on the shelf from my younger sister.

Design Inspiration

The corner mural and the colors pink, brown and blue started the whole theme for the nursery.

Decorating Style

This is a tough one.... Now that I look at it I would say traditional but also a little bit vintage?  I guess I would say eclectic because there is really a personal touch to everything in the room.  Each week I added to the room until I knew it was complete.  I would also definitely call it budget as well.

Project Details

I have a lot of hand made, ceramic art in the room from (the owl lamp, custom Everly sign, and now I have her hand and footprints on a hanging plaque as well).  I found the unicorn wall art and faux chandelier at Urban Outfitters.  The owl pillows, ottoman and shag pink pillow are from Home Goods.  The furniture was all existing family furniture that we painted and bought new drawer pulls for.  The rug is from Target (a cheaper version than the one I fell in love with at The Land of Nod).  Storage baskets and bins were from Michaels.  The rocking chair was free from a lovely woman named Donna on which my husband painted white.  The crib and other nursery supplies are from Babies R' Us.

Favorite Items

Probably her Everly custom nursery sign.  I know she will have it forever.


Take your time- look around and if something doesn't seem to be working out, don't force it!  I kept searching and registering for Espresso cribs and every time I would add it to the registry, the crib would get discontinued.  Now I am so happy because I really love the white crib.  I would also say, try to think about what you really NEED.  A lot of what is suggested is sometimes just not necessary.  I am all about keeping it simple.


Friday 6th of January 2012

So Cute.. and Love the name!! not so often do I hear it.. happens to be my little lady's name too!!


Friday 30th of December 2011


They are paper doll notecards that I lined up and framed. They were from Urban Outfitters!


Wednesday 14th of December 2011

Lovely, lovely room. I am actually intrigued about that art piece in long horizontal frame beside the owl art above the crib. Are those paperdolls? Or jus a painting or print?


Wednesday 7th of December 2011

I absolutely love the whimsical details of this room. Especially the ceramic ones. I just love all things ceramic!

Rosemary Wollerscheid

Wednesday 7th of December 2011

Hello, Kyla, Everly's room looks lovely. You did an awesome job, my little Colins room is similar but for boys of course and theme is Monkeys in blues and greens. I love the wall art it totally changes the feel of the rooms and can also grow with your child. I can't wait to meet her. Have a wonderful first Christmas with your daughter.