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We bought my in-laws house four months before my first son was born.  We had so much fun changing my husband's brother's old room into a nursery.

Design Inspiration

All of our favorite things!

Decorating Style


Project Details - wall mural Ikea - ribba frames and frame shelves, white baskets Flensted mobiles Best chairs - rocker, glider World Market - pouf Thrift shops - side table, foot stool, rattan basket, lamp base - fabrics I

Favorite Items

Flensted balloon mobile


Scrounge around in your family's attics, basements, garages, guest and sentimental!!


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    Simple yet lovely room. I like the world map on the wall. Is this made of wallpaper material?

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    Thanks!! The map is a wall mural, which is essentially wallpaper but a little more thin. We had it professionally hung because it was so thin and I felt like I would rip it.

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    I checked your link to rosenberryrooms (thank you very much) and they have so many wonderful wall mural designs! I just love them. I can see though that the larger ones can be really a splurge.

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    Beautiful Work, where oh where did you find the book shelves. I’ve been obsessed with displaying my 2yr old’s books this way since I saw Kelly Wearsler’s play room but whenever I see them, it seems they are custom made.

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    After looking at picture after picture for a boy’s nursery….yours is my ultimate inspiration!! I love the map wall and the book shelves!

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    How tall are your ceilings? Mine are 8′ and I really want this mural but I know the dimensions are 8’8″ Just wondering if you cut any off the bottom or if your ceilings are taller. Thanks!

  10. 10

    Lauren, so sorry to just now be responding…I’m sure you’ve figured it out by now, but we have 8ft ceilings as well so the bottom of the mural is trimmed off. I guess we will just have to tell Hank about Antartica. ;)

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    I love your project. I have to turn my husbands office into the babies room. It has already a world map on the wall, and I just got some nice ideas from your project. Where did you get the crib?

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