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Our Little Girl’s 1st Birthday!


The main idea was to have a party that was simple and colorful, without an obvious theme. Our little girl hadn't been exposed to a lot of tv characters, so she did not have a favorite character to be the driving force and inspiration for the party. Instead, we chose to use animals and colors to compose a theme, since that's what she was learning at the time. And also, because we live in an old house we love, there was nothing better than marrying a vintage theme with animals that she loved. So vintage circus it was! The color scheme was vintage inspired, as well as the patterns. I purchased the round poms poms at etsy and made the banner pom poms to accentuate the color scheme. Other than that, I worked on the same combination for the tags, cards, labels, invitation, etc. It was a fun project to work on and practice my illustrator and photoshop skills. The piΓ±ata was a gift and it completed the decor. The home brewed beer was also a wonderful gift and it made the party! Everyone had a great time, especially our girl. photo credit: Tate Tullier

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  1. avatar camileaos says:

    Thanks! I tried not to go too thematic. The vintage theme is in the details (and maybe the carrousel jumper). :) it was really not that elaborate… As you said, just a good idea. Thanks again!

  2. avatar SANDRA says:


  3. avatar camileaos says:

    And we were. Thanks for your sweet comment. :)

  4. avatar Gavin Crew says:

    Looks really fun! Well, a party is a party, and it doesn’t matter whether there is a definite theme or not. What’s important is that the “guest of honor” and everybody else are having a blast.