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Audrey’s Nursery


Audrey's nursery is an eclectic mix of aqua, brown and lime green. It was definitely a low budget room that is filled with the talents and crafts of her family.

Design Inspiration

The bedding! I purchased her bedding from because it was the first set that I loved the eclectic style and how it would grow with her. It was also in my budget! I designed the rest of the room around the bedding.

Decorating Style

Vintage, eclectic, budget. I like being able to throw favorite pieces into a room and having them work. I also wanted a room that would grow with her through her toddler years.

Project Details

Custom made bedding from Pwakets on Rocking chair was borrowed from my sister. I will definitely channel her strength to get me through those late night feedings and cry fests. Paper lanters from I found a free shipping code on the internet to save money. The dresser is a Goodwill find my dad picked up. It was black with zebra stripes and didn't have legs or knobs. He added white beadboard to match the crib and added knobs and legs to give it a cottage feel. The crib was a shower gift and was purchased from My sister gave me the cute green and white quote. I had a frame, white spray paint and ribbon in my craft room. My sister made the tree and bird mobile. I believe she had $10 into the project. I love it!

Favorite Items

That's a tough one. Either the bird and tree mobile my sister made. She spent many hours getting those cutouts just right. Or the stool that she recovered. It was ours when we were toddlers.


I was so overwhlemed with all the choices out there. Once I found a piece I loved, it was so much easier to build the rest of the room around it. Whether its a quilt, great color, vintage piece you've had forever--find your inspiration and go with it. I think the best looking rooms are the ones that don't come prepackaged but the ones that you add to slowly.


Monday 1st of November 2010

Very beautiful disign. I loved it, it's very authentic and so warm and touchy... Audrey is a very lucky little girl!


Wednesday 7th of July 2010

Audrey is one lucky girl to have you and your sister to decorate her room for her.  I love every detail!


Wednesday 7th of July 2010

I like how you mixed and matched everything here, especially the colors! I have always loved patchwork designs.  If you ever decide to sell something like the tree mobile you have there, please tell me!