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A’s Earthy Abode


My goal was to create a warm, inviting space for our baby while being as resourceful as possible.  I wanted it to have visual interest, and have elements of the outdoors.


Design Inspiration

I was inspired by the pattern and colors of the round pillow, which was actually my first purchase for the baby.  I loved the graphic look and the colors.  I knew I wanted to use it as the basis for a cozy room that would work for either a boy or a girl (turns out our babe was a boy), and also a room that could work as the baby got older.


Decorating Style

I tend to be drawn to things with pattern or texture and natural elements.  Comfort and function are important, and if something can serve dual purposes, even better.  So modern country perhaps?

Project Details

Round graphic pillow from Target

The crib was purchased from Babies-R-Us.

The crib sheet is a brown and white stepping stone sheet by Nook.  Purchased on sale from Zulily.

I used some extra orange fabric I had leftover from a previous project under the crib mattress for a crib skirt.

Daybed is a teak lounge chair we had from Ikea.  I had a cushion custom made from and added some large velvet gray and orange pillows also from Ikea.  The skirt of the bed is actually a brown Moby wrap.

Bird mobile from

Leaf art above crib was DIY made from paint chips from Home Depot.  I painted them to look like leaves and attached them with wire to a branch.

Cube shelves from Target.  The Ukulele was a wedding gift from friends who sang at our wedding.  The "A" initial art was DIY made from a wooden letter.  I painted the letter and hot glued potpourri I had onto it.

The rocking chair was given to us by friends who no longer used it for their children.  I added the orange blanket from Ikea.

The changing table is a dresser I bought from Craigslist years ago for about $60.  I stripped and refinished it (it was previously in my room before moving it to the nursery). 

The elephant lamp was a gift received long  ago.

The adorable fox print was purchased from etsy:

The "light of mine" prints above the changing table were DIY.  I did the layout on a computer, printed them, and painted inside the outlined letters.


Favorite Items

The daybed.  When we moved into our new place, we gained a room for baby, but lost our private balcony and place for our teak lounge chair.  I cleaned the lounge chair up and added a custom made cushion and pillows for the back.  Now it serves as a great spot for reading, lounging, or even for an overnight guest.


Using  patterns can give a room a focal point and add interest.  Also, I think using a bold color in small doses throughout the room can unify the space. 


Wednesday 3rd of October 2012

I just fell in love with those paint chip leaves. So lovely and so creative!


Sunday 30th of September 2012

Such a beautiful room. I absolutely love the warm and earthy feel it emanates.