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Around the World with Charles


This nursery was designed for my youngest son, Charles.  I wanted a clean, contemporary nursery but with a 'wow' feature!

Design Inspiration

My inspiration was a beautiful room designed by Samantha Pynn....but also a onesie that my eldest son had when he was a baby. 

I also included some travel/around the world elements.

Decorating Style

Modern, Contemporary, Simple

Project Details

I painted the feature wall when I was 35 weeks pregnant (with a 10pd, 10oz baby!), not the easiest thing to do...escpecially the bottom stripes!

You can see more photos and details on my blog at:

Favorite Items

I do love my egg chair, but I also love the soldier skittles which are just gorgeous.


Gather inspiration from everywhere, you never know when it will all just click!

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  1. avatar sarabeans says:

    Dang, now I want to redo my nursery!

  2. avatar Florence Amber says:

    I love the stripes on the wall, too. And that Noah’s Ark wooden toy on the table is very cute!

  3. Thankyou, I’m thrilled with how it turned out!

  4. avatar Patricia Amorim says:

    Well done! One of the most beautiful rooms I’ve seen so far! Loved the combination of colors on the wall and the egg chair gave it such a modern/ cozy touch! Great job! :)

  5. avatar Elizabeth says:

    Such a perfect room! Love the globes mobile!

  6. definitely a GORGEOUS room! the colors and the shelves are so perfect

  7. avatar Pam says:

    I am in love with the red and white, so crisp but still appropriate for a nursery! Would love to see more of your work.

  8. avatar Melisa says:

    Yep, my favorite wall ever. So happy you shared! Thank you.