Around the World with Charles

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This nursery was designed for my youngest son, Charles.  I wanted a clean, contemporary nursery but with a 'wow' feature!

Design Inspiration

My inspiration was a beautiful room designed by Samantha Pynn....but also a onesie that my eldest son had when he was a baby. 

I also included some travel/around the world elements.

Decorating Style

Modern, Contemporary, Simple

Project Details

I painted the feature wall when I was 35 weeks pregnant (with a 10pd, 10oz baby!), not the easiest thing to do...escpecially the bottom stripes!

You can see more photos and details on my blog at:

Favorite Items

I do love my egg chair, but I also love the soldier skittles which are just gorgeous.


Gather inspiration from everywhere, you never know when it will all just click!


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    I am in love with the red and white, so crisp but still appropriate for a nursery! Would love to see more of your work.

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    Well done! One of the most beautiful rooms I’ve seen so far! Loved the combination of colors on the wall and the egg chair gave it such a modern/ cozy touch! Great job! :)

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    I love the stripes on the wall, too. And that Noah’s Ark wooden toy on the table is very cute!

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