Around the World Nursery

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A "travel around the world" themed nursery.

Design Inspiration

My husband and I wanted a unique nursery theme for our son.  Since we both love to travel, we thought a travel-themed nursery would help expand our child's imagination and inspire him to see the world as well!  When designing the nursery, we planned the layout so that the landmarks flow geographically.

Decorating Style

A blend of simplicity and creativity

Project Details

We discovered that the key to designing a nursery is to spend adequate time planning out the layout and design.

Favorite Items

We absolutely adore the world wonders growth chart.  We stumbled upon this growth chart several weeks after we painted the nursery and couldn't believe how perfectly it fit our theme!


My main advice is to just have fun decorating the nursery!  If you choose to do a themed nursery, select a theme that really suits your family.  Then use imaging tools such as photoshop to make a mock-up of your nursery so you can get a sense of what it will look like.


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    I love the landmark silhouettes! What a great way to do a travel theme without it being all about suitcases and ethnic pieces that (most of the time) aren’t baby friendly.

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    Did you paint the walls yourself? They’re very nice and very educational in a way. And oh, what did you mean by “so that the landmarks flow geographically”? 

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    Thanks Dandelion! Yes, my husband drew out the silhouettes and I used a fine detail brush to apply the paint.  Concerning the “landmarks flowing geographically”, I meant that we ordered the landmarks around the room in the same direction that they would appear on the globe.  When you walk into the room, you see Africa (Kenya) –> Europe (France) –> Asia (India and China) –> North America (NYC) –> and then back to Africa (Egypt).

  6. 6

    oops, in my earlier comment, I forgot to mention Australia between Asia and North America.

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    What unique concept! I also like to travel and I couldn’t think of a better theme! Love your walls and your growth chart. I also love the muted colors of the nursery. Well done!

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    What a gorgeous nursery! My husband and I have been toying around with a world travel theme for our nursery–I love what you’ve done. It has a lot of nice details without being overwhelming/too busy. I’m new to mural-ing so was wondering how you designed the silhouttes? Did you use a computer program to do the sketches? And/or a projector to get the drawings on the wall?

    Thanks a lot!

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    We love the colors and tried to match them but can’t get me right. Will you share the colors??

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    Love it! My husband (and I) love to travel internationally – my husband even more than I – and I can tell he’s already frustrated that we’ll have to cut back far-flung vacations while the baby is little. A nursery idea like this will be the perfect remedy for the travel bug and the perfect way to get my husband interested in decorating the nursery (which otherwise he’d politely decline)!

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    I love the way the landmarks blend so that it is baby friendly. How did you do the silhouettes? My wife and I are trying to do a travel theme and would like to do something similar with different landmarks.

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