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Arlo’s Modern Classic Animal Nursery


I wanted something bright and fun, that was designed for a child but wasn't childish, and I wanted a loose theme.  We decided on an animal theme with emphasis on giraffes!

Design Inspiration

It all started with the blanket hanging on the crib.  I was struggling with a theme and when we found the blanket blanket my husband and I both really liked the colors and giraffes.  He suggested with design the nursery around it.   That was all I needed - I made the curtains from the same fabric - Michael Miller Giraffe Garden - and began to create the nursery. 

Project Details

The curtains and pinwheel mobile were DIY projects.  The chair is vintage and the giraffe is from my childhood nursery.  I found many of the pictures on Esty.  Above the changing table are framed pages from old Charley Harper calendars. The owl lamp is from Target.  The changing table is an Ikea Epedit bookshelf with drawer inserts and knobs from Anthropologie.  The metal A on the shelf is also from Anthropologie.

Favorite Items

My favorite item is the bookshelf from Pottery Barn Kids - I love the look of all the books just waiting to be read!

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  1. Gorgeous, bright, welcoming room. Love the Charley Harper pictures and the reading corner!

  2. avatar littlemommaofa says:


    Thanks! The lamp and “table” are both from Ikea. The table is actually a stool but we left off the bottom foot rung to use it as a mod table. Here’s the lamp and the stool

  3. avatar Ysczabel says:

    Just where did you get that turquoise lamp and that table beside the chair. Both of these are my favorite items in this room filled with really beautiful and bright things.

  4. avatar littlemommaofa says:


    Thanks so much – I really wanted to create a cheerful space! The crib is Lauren from Walmart –

  5. avatar hawahawa says:

    Totally love that orange chair, it really stands out in a room with very bright colors!

  6. avatar melissa says:

    this is such a happy, happy room! i love it. where did you get the crib? which model? thank you! great job :)

  7. avatar dcmomma says:

    Very fun. Love the bright colors and the decals on the wall and blind!