Ariella’s Bunny Themed 4th Birthday Party

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My daughter Ariella is the sweetest little thing.  When the time was coming to plan her 4th birthday party theme, I suggested at least a half dozen ideas to her for themes and she promptly dismissed all of them and exclaimed "I want a bunny party!"  She also specifically requested to have live bunnies at her party :)

Design Inspiration

Ariella chose the theme for her "Bunny Party" and I couldn't think of a better idea for her once she suggested it!  Ariella has slept with a little pink bunny lovey since she was a baby, so I used that as the starting point of inspiration for her party.  Ariella's favorite color is orange, so I thought I could incorporate her favorite color into the party using carrots - a perfect match for bunnies!

Decorating Style

My decorating style for this party was rustic in look.  I didn't just want to use those "cutesy" bunnies you see at Easter.  I wanted a more sophisticated look for the party.

Favorite Items

I absolutely loved the table decor I did using vegetables.  I was looking to do something other than flowers, and I thought vegetables would be a perfect fit!  Plus, it ended up being a lot less expensive to decorate with vegetables rather than flowers, just FYI!  (And you can eat them afterward!)

I also loved incorporating the vegetables into the buffet table - The tiny carrots in the hummus flower pots were a hit!


I wish I had planned Ariella's party much further in advance - she has an early January birthday, and Easter decor wasn't anywhere to be had during November and December, so I had to search long and hard for bunny items.  If she had had a spring birthday, finding decor would have been a whole lot easier!


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    Shirley here from Seven Anchors Designs! We’re thrilled to be listed as one of Emily’s vendors for her amazing party (still swooning at the pictures). We’re offering 15% off to any readers coming from this Project Nursery blog. Use code: PN15OFF. Cheers!

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    Hi! This bunny birthday is absolutely adorable! I love the bunny/veggie signage….where can I find something similar?

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    I love the “It’s some bunny birthday” watercolor wallpaper. Where can I find something similar?

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