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Ariella’s 3rd Birthday: An Art Party


My daughter’s favorite activity is to get messy, so I thought what better theme for her 3rd birthday than an Art Party where she and all her friends could go all out and get really messy!  Party goers enjoyed painting small and large canvases, as well as wood and paper craft activities, and artist themed food and drinks.  Attendees were instructed to "dress for mess!"

Design Inspiration

Since it was a painting party, I used a modified rainbow palette of jewel tones colors.  I used empty paint cans and paint brushes (painted to match), artist palettes, and paint “splats” to carry the theme throughout.  I knew I wanted the party to look like “Ariella’s Art Studio”, so the backyard was covered with drop cloths and the kids were free to paint anywhere.

Decorating Style

Modern, simple, clean

Favorite Items

I loved how the paint can and paint brush display on the mantel turned out.  It look a long time to add all of the vinyl paint drips to each can, but I loved the overall look.  I also loved the fondant cake decorations, and adding the paint splats all over the house.  I also loved displaying some of the food and drinks on real artists palettes.



At first I was searching for a lot of items in the exact color scheme I was looking for, but after having trouble finding coordinating items, I ended up using artist spray paint to custom color a lot of things.

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  1. avatar Cat says:

    This is great! I’m really inspired for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. Can you tell me what size clear paint cans you purchased from amazon? I want to know if the favors will fit.

  2. avatar Yaima says:

    Where did you find the birthday girl’s artist beret?

  3. avatar Andrea Gibson says:

    I purchased 48 inch large canvas similar to ones in your pictures to stand along my back garden wall. Did this work well?

  4. avatar Andrea Gibson says:

    I am putting on an art theme for my 4 year old daughter. I also live here in So Cal Did you find the kids worked better on the large canvas on the floor or the canvas on the easel? I have both not sure which went over better? less mess and which was easier for the kids to work with.

  5. HI everyone who has inquired about the file of invitation. Sadly it is not for sale as I am not in the business anymore. My suggestion would be to show it to a graphic artist on Etsy and he/she could probably create something similar (or better) for you! Best of luck to all!

  6. avatar Vanessa says:

    Hi Emily!
    I have just run into your Art Party on Pinterest and think it is fabulous! Like all the others, I was wondering if I could purchase the invitation file from you? Thank you!

  7. avatar Brianne says:

    Sorry you are the person that made them! I feel like a dunce LOL but where would I find those stickers?

  8. avatar Brianne says:

    Hi! Emily Klaparda name does not have a linked attached to it. I am interested in the vinyl stickers.

  9. avatar Autumn Kasel says:

    Super cute party!! In love with the details! Wondering also about the signage you made. Especially the darling invitations. I too thought about an art party for my daughter and this is by far the cutest one I’ve seen. Is there any way to purchase a PDF/ order the envelopes etc?! Thank you so much.

  10. avatar Anne-Tchielly Claude-Marsan says:

    Great party you throw for your daugther. I love all the details. I was wondering if the Art Studio sign, the Party signage, printed material and the paint drip vinyls on the favor container and the mural paint splatter can be purchased from you or guide me to where I can buy it from. I”m having my twin 4th birthday coming up and they have been asking for a painting party.

  11. avatar Ann C says:

    Love the details!! I almost did the paint party for my 3 year old’s birthday past November but thought it may be too early for him and saved the theme for his 4th. Now I can’t wait till November to do this theme!

  12. avatar Yaima Aleman says:

    I love all the details of the party. I know you made the party signage and printed materials yourself. Wondering if the file can be purchased somewhere?