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Ariana’s Nursery


Neutral, dandelion themed baby girl's nursery

Design Inspiration

I wanted a calming, relaxing nursery featuring rustic furniture with some girly pieces thrown in.  I found ideas from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child and project nursery.

Decorating Style

Classic, rustic 

Project Details

Wall decal from, crib from restoration hardware, chair from pottery barn kids, diy changing table built by my husband for baby.

Favorite Items

the homemade, custom changing table


Use classic, neutral colors that complement each other then add a splash of pink or blue or yellow to make it look more like a baby's room.  Match bedding, curtains and chair with the same texture/material such as linen.  Shop wall decals on and find finishing touches at lower prices at

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  1. avatar Maria says:

    Hello! Beautiful room, do you happen to know the name of the color paint you used on the walls?

  2. avatar Angela MacDougall says:

    I Don’t – my husband is a contractor and just looked at the measurements and photos of one off of restoration hardware then made it a little shorter for his extremely short wife lol He should custom build them for people I think, he did a great job, and was much cheaper than restoration hardware!

  3. avatar Emmy Gibbons says:

    do you have any instructions for the changing table?

  4. avatar Haley says:

    The room is absolutely beautiful! My husband and I are expecting and we were wondering if you have the instructions for building the changing table? Or if there is a website? We both love the rustic feel and your room is an inspiration.

  5. where did you get the chandelier?

  6. avatar Sara-Gene says:

    This is wonderful! I love the decals! Do you have the info for the seller on Etsy? I’d love the link for these particular dandelions.

  7. avatar angelamacdougall says:


    I got the curtains at restoration hardware baby and child to match the linen bedding. The wall color I will have to check on! The baskets on the floor are from colonial mills, the ones hanging are from TJ Maxx! The ones in the table are from world market. Thank you for the compliments!

  8. avatar Jess says:

    I loooove this room!! Wondering where you got your curtains from and what the wall color is? Also love the baskets, where did you find those? Everything is perfect!

  9. avatar Angela says:


    TJ Maxx, they were black I painted them white! Restoration Hardware has a more expensive version as well.

  10. avatar Mrs.Echon says:

    Exquisite is the first word that comes to mind. Gorgeous is the next!

  11. avatar cll says:

    The room is absolutely lovely! Where did you get the wall baskets mounted beside the changing table?

  12. avatar jehannarc says:

    Love the color scheme, it’s so soothing and timeless. This is a really beautiful room. It’s like a baby spa!

  13. avatar angelamacdougall says:

    Mary, i it has a shimmer effect I like

  14. avatar Gracie says:

    Oh so pretty! I love neutrals anywhere in the house and I really like them in a baby’s room…..because they are so soothing. Your husband did a great job on the changing table. It looks like something from RHB but I bet it is made better!

  15. avatar Mary says:

    where did you get the carpet?