Arden’s Donut Shop 2nd Birthday Party

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  • Donut Shop 2nd Birthday Party
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  • Donut Dough "Play Dough" Favors for this Donut Shop Birthday Party
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A sweet and simple donut shop 2nd birthday party!  You can find the full party recap at Sunflower State of Mind.

Design Inspiration

I knew this was probably the last year I would get to chose her birthday party theme, but I still wanted it to be something Arden would enjoy--so donuts it was!  My original inspiration came from this dress, which I found on Etsy...then we just went from there!

Decorating Style

A mix of vintage and modern--but for this party, sweet and playful!

Project Details

"Arden's Donut Shop" Banner: Pink Antlers

Personalized Donut Placemats: Dear Owen & Co.

Organic Donut Twirl Dress: Little Bow & Arrow

Cake Toppers and Paper Goods: Pink Antlers

Large "TWO" and Donut Balloons: Bargain Balloons

Favorite Items

The donut dress is what inspired the whole party, which would probably make it my favorite item!


Keep it simple!  I went all out last year for her Tea Party 1st Birthday (and probably would again for a 1st birthday!), but now I've realized that with the right theme, you can go inexpensive and stress-free--yet still put together a cute & memorable party.  Plus, everyone loves donuts :)


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    Who did the adorable play dough labels? That would be perfect for my son’s birthday but I can’t find them on Etsy (it looks like Dear Owen & Co is on vacation right now so I can’t see much from their site).
    Thanks so much! It’s a darling party!!!!

  3. 3

    Super cute party! Where can I get those adorable play dough labels? I want to do this for my daughter’s party in a few weeks.
    Thanks so much!

  4. 4

    Super cute party!! Where did you get those donut play doh labels? I’d love to use that idea as a favor for the kids! I’m planning my twin diaghters first birthday party!

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