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Arctic Coco and Smores Holiday Party


This party was a perfect fit for a little girl with a love of all things penguin. It was a small get together for a few friends before the winter break. We did something small that would entertain and include some traditional holiday fun with a twist. The choice was obvious, a hot cocoa bar and smores yum. A few of the activities included letters to Santa, pin the nose of rudolph, face painting, and penguin bowling. We ended the day by making a visit to the hot coco bar where kids got the chance to choose from a number of wonderful topping: whipped cream, caramel, chocolate syrup, marshmallows, sprinkles, peppermint crumble, and chocolate chips. Instead of cookies or cake we chose to do smores. With a parents help everyone toasted their marshmallows and chose from chocolate, cinnamon, or honey graham crackers. To top things off they got to choose from cookies and cream or milk chocolate candy bars. Other items on the tables were peppermint pretzel sticks, smore marshmallows, chocolate dipped spoons. For favors there were take home smores kits, cocoa kits with mini marshmallows, chocolate Santa mustache pops, letters to Santa, personalized crayons with childs name on them, penguin cups and cuddly stuffed penguins. Since it was a Christmas party we thought it would be fun for all the kids to be Secret Santa's for each other. We took photos of everyone saying shhh then printed them on tags that said, "Ho Ho Ho I'm your secret Santa." Each guest was asked to wear red and white to get in the holiday spirit. As they arrived we had them sit down at the table and draw pictures of what they wanted for Christmas on placemats we printed out. 

Design Inspiration

This party was inspired by the new "Happy Feet" movie and a little girls love of penguins.

Decorating Style

The kitchen and den were decked out in red, white and black with cuddly penguins everywhere. We wanted to give everything a winter wonderland look, kind of like the artic enviornment where penguins live. We chose things that were holiday classics or simply nostalgic in the idea of what childhood is. That is why we chose a coco and smores.

Project Details

I purchased the penguin mugs, trays, and sleigh from Target. The penguin shaped cups were purchased from Walmart. The reindeer antlers were purchsed from Micheals craft store.  All of the printables can be found at

Favorite Items

My favorite things were the personalized crayons, santa party hats, and the little penguin cups.


When dealing with fire, safety should always come first. Make sure children are assisted by an adult and that flammable items are kept away from the flame. If you have things hanging above the flame remove them. Just because they haven't fallen, doesn't mean they can't suddenly become unsecure. Read all labels to make sure you understand the proper methods for putting out flames and always keep an up to date fire exstenguisher close by. Pull the flames out immediately after you're done. You don't want any accidents happening. Always find out if any of the children attending are allergic to chocolate or nuts. Sometimes kids get swept up in the excitement of things and start shoveling things down without a second thought. I say this because one of the little ones attending was allergic nuts, so we had to scrap reeses cups (the large ones) and peanut butter from the smores bar.


Tuesday 26th of May 2015

love the s'mores bar. Where did you find the plastic trays?

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Tuesday 12th of May 2015

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Babbling Little Booties

Tuesday 24th of January 2012

Such a lovely penguin party concept.! I was thinking of making a something-like-this theme for my baby's bday.


Sunday 18th of December 2011


I used candy melts you can find them at Micheals or Walmart.


Sunday 18th of December 2011

I am going to have a holiday party for my son this Tues...what did you use to decorate the red - tipped marshmallows?