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Aqua + Orange Baby Sprinkle


I designed and co-hosted a budget-friendly "sprinkle" at my house for my little sister who is expecting her second little boy.

Design Inspiration

When my sister went shopping for crib bedding her 4 year old immediately pointed out baby dinosaur themed bedding which made my sister's heart melt so that's what she went with. For the shower I chose aqua and orange from the colors on the bedding.

The coral color was used with the orange to keep the decor a tad more feminine. My sister might have 1 boy and 1 on the way but she's as girlie as it gets so we didn't want it to be to masculine.

Since this is her second child we threw her a "sprinkle" and going along with that theme I used circles to imply rain and/or dessert sprinkles.

Decorating Style

clean, modern, contemporary, shabby chic, DIY

Project Details

Invitation: I designed the invitations myself and purchased "Pool" and "Papaya" envelopes from Paper Source (I couldn't decide between the 2 so half the guests were sent 1 color and the rest received the other)

Pom poms: DIY (yarn)

Pinwheels: DIY (paper + dowel rods)

Garland: The dots were cut from various papers. The majority of them are from a large tablet of 12x12 paper I found on clearance at Michaels that was full of colorful printed papers, I used the oranges and blues. I also bought some sheets of paper from Paper Source that matched the invitation envelopes. In addition, I cut some smaller 1" dots from paper samples I had lying around my office.

Game boards: I did a search for shower games online and recreated a custom cohesive design for them. The clipboards were cut from a large cardboard display board I bought at Target. I glued paper to the back and added binder clips.

Pencils: My mom found "It's a Boy" pencils but wanted something more so she bought tiny binkies, drilled holes in the pencils, and attached the binkies to them.

Diaper cake + Giraffe: My mom made the adorable diaper cake as well as a giraffe made from baby diapers, socks, and wash cloths.

Table signs + Print: I designed the table signs, thank you tags, straw flags, and cupcake toppers.

Paper straws: I wish I could remember where I got the straws from. I ordered them a while ago for another party and had plenty left over.

Slideshow: Using photos from my sister's 1st pregnancy, baby photos of her son, and maternity photos from her current pregnancy, my husband set up a slideshow to run on the tv throughout the shower. (It was a big hit!)

Favors: The favors were hand-sewn key fobs by my oh-so-talented mother.

Food: I made aqua and white cakeballs. My mom prepared everything else.

Photography: (shower and maternity photos) Lauren Armstrong Photography

Favorite Items

I really liked the table signs but I think all the dots strung around the 1st floor were my favorite.


When you are working with other people on a shower (or event) stick to your guns about colors. If you're a stickler (like me) then aqua blue and light blue are not the same thing. If you choose lime green for your color don't let someone else say, "ok, I found these hunter green plates I'm going to buy." It's a nice gesture and people want to help but if you are looking for an overall cohesive design I recommend providing swatches to contributors. :)

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  8. avatar Lauren Alexander says:

    Hi there
    Just wondering how to made your giraffe please ?

    Thank you


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  10. avatar Jenny says:

    Hi Lauren!

    Do you have instructions for the game with mom and dad? Can’t figure it out from the photos! Trying to find baby shower games/activities that don’t suck! Any help would be hugely appreciated! Will gladly pay for your template/pdf!

  11. avatar Lauren says:

    I have not logged into my account in far too long obviously! I love seeing the comments! I know it’s late but here is the link to the baby sprinkle/shower invitation:

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  13. avatar Erika says:

    Obviously this post is quite old but still very beautiful. I am interested the B is for Belly and D is for Daddy cards. Are these available for purchase?

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  15. avatar PartyPlanner says:

    I love the invitation design. Is it customizable and printable for purchase? Please say yes!

  16. avatar Sally says:

    do you sell the designs for the invitations you’ve created? I LOVE the aqua and orange design! Thanks for these amazing posts!

  17. […] / Via […]

  18. avatar Megan says:

    Where did you get the cards that go along with the yarn to measure the belly?

  19. avatar RM@ Love2Decorate Blog says:

    I adore this party decor. Simple, clean and attractive.

  20. avatar Angela says:

    Do you still have the template for the game cards, i.e. B is for belly? Or where can I get them? Thx!

  21. avatar Lauren says:


    I do not have a recipe for the cupcakes but I know they were red velvet!

  22. avatar Lauren says:


    The white frames were $1 a piece from ikea!

  23. avatar Stacy says:

    Where did you get the frame for mommy’s cravings? Love these!

  24. avatar Dawn says:

    Your cupcakes look fabulous! Do you have a recipe you can share?

  25. avatar Lauren says:


    Thanks Kim! The cupcake toppers are made from toothpicks and various paper cut using a 1″ circle punch with double-sided tape. It was very simple. The circles with type I designed and the patterned papers are from Michaels.

  26. avatar kim says:

    love the colors!

  27. avatar kim says:

    Hi Lauren, love this shower! how did you make the cute little cupcake toppers?

  28. avatar Aunt Vicki says:

    Nicely done Lauren! So excited for all of you, and to be a GREAT Aunt again. Wish we could get down there again soon.
    Love to all!


  29. avatar Lauren says:

    Florence Amber,

    Glad you like it! She purchased the instructions from this website:

  30. avatar Florence Amber says:

    That diaper/socks/wash cloth giraffe is so cute! Does your mom have a DIY guide for this?

  31. I love all of the DIY elements and color combination.

  32. avatar Lauren says:


    Thanks! The yarn was less expensive and was much more versatile then the tissue.

  33. avatar CreativeCrumbs says:

    I like that you used yarn for your pompoms. Tissue or paper pompoms are getting to be too common and ordinary these days (although I am not saying they’re ugly).