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An Afternoon Tea Party


Vintage inspired, afternoon tea party honoring Carrie and baby Charlotte, who is due to arrive September 27th!

Design Inspiration

Vintage napkins and tea cans, and antique tea cups and teapots - all with accompanying stories, two were from the Titanic!

Decorating Style

Mixing vintage with modern, cultural with minimalism.  Using natural textures and sustainable elements.  Bold uses of color and print.  It's all about the perfect balance!

Project Details

  • Vintage Embroidered Napkins (Etsy)
  • Vintage Tea Cans (assorted Ebay sellers)
  • Table Cloths and Runners (Made from fabric purchased at JoAnn's)
  • Tea Cups/Pots/Plates (Personal Items)
  • Flowers (Trader Joes)
  • Food & Drink Labels/Place Cards/All Paperie Products (Personally designed and printed)


  • DIY Table Cloths & Runner - Purchase bolts of fabric from your local fabric store to save on cost and to keep linens consistent throughout the party. ¬†White muslin fabric is inexpensive, especially when using narrower widths. ¬†Spend a bit more on a bold fabric you love for the runner, you'll need less of it so the cost will be manageable.


  • DIY Flower Tip - Use vintage tea cans as flower vases. ¬†Buy various types of wild flowers in similar colors, but only use one type per vase. ¬†Creates a clean, eclectic look.

Favorite Items

All of the antique pieces - napkins, tea cans, tea cups and tea pots!


Borrow items from friends and families to lessen the cost burden, and to ensure you are not buying items that you'll later throw away - also creating a party friendly to our environment!  Tie mismatched pieces together through one consistent color scheme, and/or printed paper goods.

Alison Mar

Tuesday 27th of August 2013

So lovely. It was a really charming thing you did here.