Amir’s Wild Animal Nursery

  • Safari Crib Quilt1/5
  • Safari Nursery2/5
  • Safari Nursery Accesories3/5
  • Nursery Wall Letters4/5
  • Safari Nursery Table Lamp5/5


Amir´s mom and dad wanted a nursery lovely and pretty for their newborn baby. They brought us the comforter and we developed the accessories. Please, tell us your opinion!

Design Inspiration

We got inspired on the Amir´s comforter to manufacture the whole concept. The love Amir´s parents feel for him made our work easier!

Project Details

The bedding set is Circo, so you can buy it online.

The letters and the table lamp are handmade by Under Ten CR. Soon at Etsy.

Favorite Items

I love the table lamp. It´s cute and delicate!


It doesn´t matter the theme you choose: what really matters is the love on the space! Love what you are designing!


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