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Amelia’s Toddler Room


Transitioned Amelia's Baby Room to a toddler room (needed the crib for our new baby boy coming soon!). Did some redecorating and got her a day bed (IKEA $99).

Design Inspiration

Eclectic? I love Anthropologie style so some of the accessories came from there but some is also made by me or were purchased at Ikea etc.... it's a mix.

Decorating Style

Eclectic and colorful? I think it all goes but it's not too matchy matchy so that's why I'd say eclectic...?

Project Details

Duvet Cover and Curtains are from IKEA, Letters from Anthropologie, Painted the Mural (free handed, using a leveler to make sure it wasn't crooked), it's really a mix of stuff I made and a few purchases at different shops, overall, it wasn't an expensive room at all.

Favorite Items

I really like how my "Tuesday afternoon" painting fit in the room- it goes in a little girls room I think and Amelia always points out the "puffy clouds". Also, the letters and growth chart I have always loved- both from Anthropology but purchased them in 2009.... AND the pillow I made last night- with the bird on it! Hand Sewed the pillow case together and cut out shapes from felt and stitched them by hand on the pillow. I really need to learn to sew on a sewing machine though.


Pick a piece or 2 and design around them.... My 2 cents is, I like color and for things to not be too matching or too contemporary. Keep it cute- it's a kids room after all.


Wednesday 31st of August 2011


Thank you! The tree with the owls is actually a mural I painted but I used a decal I saw in Boulder, CO at a shop called "real baby" as inspiration (took a pic with my phone)... the 2 pictures with Amelia and Rose are collages mostly though I painted the branches with acrylic paint.


Saturday 27th of August 2011

The owl tree wall decal is really cute. And I love those two pictures with Amelia and Rose on them. Are they prints or collages?


Friday 26th of August 2011

I love this room and the Owl tree is the cutest ever! I think any little girl would love this room!


Thursday 25th of August 2011

So I have a picture of 2 pictures I hung above the closet that I made and the growth chart from Anthropologie but you can't see them? Just an FYI- I emailed Project Nursery to let them know. It's not showing in the thumbnails and the pink arrows aren't working when I click on them to scroll beyond the displayed thumbnails.... so hopefully they will fix this soon and you can see 2 more pics of the room.