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Amanda’s WILD 1st Birthday!!!


A baby's first birthday party. Turned your regular pink and black Wild safari colors into a more fun colorful and bright idea for my daughter's first birthday.

Design Inspiration

My inspiration started from ribbons I found at my local Michael's craft store and wanted to incorporated into her party, therefore the WILD theme was created. I found bright wild animal fabrics online and with those colors was able to apply it throughout the entire design concept by making it girly sweet and fun! Yet the boys also got to enjoy it,  I gave them them jungle safari hats with binoculars therefore; making them forget all the PINK around them.

Decorating Style

My decorating style ideas was using the main attraction which was the WILD pink and yellow and scattering it all around the space I had to design with and  make it fun! I like bright colors and use them all over to brighten up plain white walls I had to work with. I also wanted to make a changing spot section for all the mommies to have a place to change their baby's pampers. All the mommies Love it!

Project Details

I decided to buy all my table cloths and saved lots of money instead of renting. So I purchased it all from here: Got most of my ribbons at I bought beautiful fabric to make the table runners and birthday banner found here: My nannie and I build the table runners and banner, I cut she sawed. She also made teething blankies for the favors. Party safari hats and binocular stuff I bought  from: . I purchased the candy and lollipops at: My mom made all the topiary centerpieces out of all sorts of ribbons, very tedious but she nailed it! My daughter's onesie was made by Emily Lane Studio: She makes the most darling stuff! Her tutu was custom made by Chloe's Tutu Sweet shoppe: under the design your own Tutu page. My cake was beautifully designed by Ana Castro Sanchez: All the cake pops and marshmallows were done by my sister, the pastry chef! I created the hats and Amanda's party table along with her number (1) pinata, very tedious but all worth it, found tutorials here: I designed all the candy labels for the table display.

Favorite Items

My favorite item is Amanda's birthday table. I love how it all looked so bright and fun put together. All about her! Her pinata, her pictures, her party hat and using a picture of her face in the lollipops as well. It showed how WILD and fun she is! Another favorite was the changing station for mommies and babies!


Plan, plan and plan! Gather all sorts of ideas months ahead and buy things a little bit at a time, DIY is the best way to go. If you need any ideas on planning your next event. I am more then happy to help someone in need. I LOVE PARTY PLANNING!

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  1. avatar Pat says:


    I use Illustration and Photoshop to create my own designs.

  2. avatar Anonymous says:

    You have done an awesome job. How did you make the labels for the lollipops? Is there any particular software that you used?

  3. avatar Kristin says:

    Your photos are awesome! Love the pink and yellow color combo. Great work!

  4. avatar NeeNee says:

    Patty your parties pics are always amazing to view!!! You inspire me, I love event planning just don’t know where to start! Keep up the good work!

  5. avatar Pattie517 says:


    Hi Dakota,
    Thanks for the compliment!!! :)
    How about a Charlotte’s Web 1st Birthday Party idea. You got all the elements there, the barnyard, the pigs plus a spider. And I’m sure you sing the intsy bintsy spider to her. You can bring the story to life, you can email me personally and I can elaborate some more.
    Thank you,

  6. avatar Dandelion says:

    I saw the photo of your little girl and I said “wild” is so appropriate. She’s so adorable!! I really like the fun and bright colors you used for the party.

  7. avatar Dakota says:

    This was beautiful!!!!!!! I was wondering if you could give me any ideas on a girly barnyard themed 1st bithday? My little girl is obssessed with pigs! Her birthday isnt until febuary 17th but i’ve been trying to get started early. Thank you ^_^