Alice In Wonderland Themed Nursery

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This room has easily become one of our favorites in the house. So much time, thought, and love went into this sweet space. With a shared love of Alice in Wonderland, we intertwined subtle elements throughout while attempting to create a calm, serene, & welcoming atmosphere for our little one. Vintage pieces, family sentiments, & memories are sprinkled throughout her nursery & we can’t wait till she is makes her entrance to complete our little family.


#OurWildflower #ProjectNursery 


💚Great Grandma Collins handkerchief.

💚Great Grandpa Killian’s pocket watch.

💚Uncle Marks collected keys from Petra, Jordan.

💚Our wedding favor teacup planter.





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    Beautiful. What is the name of the wall color, please? My 7 yr old wants her aqua blue room painted warm white soon.

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