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Alice in Wonderland / Mad Hatter Baby Shower


A whimsical baby shower with an Alice in Wonderland / Mad Hatter theme

Project Details

My pregnancy eight months in has been the most magical time of my life. When my girlfriends – Sherry and Lara - asked how I’d like to honor this time and our baby girl to-be, I responded with ‘whimsical’ and watched the magic unfold. A mad-hatted wonderland theme emerged, and the experience began with a scroll invitation complete with an ‘open-me’ key and a note from the mysterious Queen of Hearts. Sherry, owner of Creative Works Designs custom invitations ( ), designed and hand-made the invitation, which asked guests to wear a hat for a prize of unspeakable value and referenced a candy trail which would make any 3 – 100 year old with a sweet tooth swoon. The magical day soon arrived, but not without months of preparation, craft-making and scavenger hunting for all things whimsical and fun. Sherry and Lara, who creates favors for her hobby/business, Elizabeth and Rose ( , searched for mini teacups for favors and massive tea cups as flower pots, ceramic kittens, bunnies and mushrooms to glitter, fresh flowers to arrange in tea kettles and cups, faux flowers to affix googly-eyes to, and a candy station to design. It was all in the glittery details and no hat was left unturned! With our baby girl’s wonderland celebration soon to arrive and without the skills to create my own hat, I turned to Two Back Flats ( ), maker of handmade bridal, burlesque, vintage mini top hats, on Etsy. Bought a mini top hat adorned with gold trim and two fluffy flowers ( ), which in my mind symbolized me and our baby girl to-be. Baby in the belly and hat on my head, the festivities began. Words can’t describe the magic and attention to detail so I’ll let the photos explain.


A few fun tips that can transform any backyard baby shower, or wonderland party – for kids or even brides-to-be: 1. Anything can be glittered 2. Adding googly eyes to fabric flowers or other inanimate objects can add an element of whimsy or a big brother effect to any party 3. Have guests become part of the décor by asking them to dress up, or make hats/props at the event 4. It’s all in the details: affix ‘eat me’ and ‘drink me’ signage liberally to food and libations 5. Candy stations are always a hit, especially when positioned just so under a red glass Murano chandelier!

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Wednesday 2nd of July 2014

Is there any way to get a template for the adorable scroll invitation?

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Tuesday 26th of November 2013

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Monday 20th of May 2013

Where do I go to get these invitations,what site?


Friday 4th of July 2014

Did you ever get a reply?


Friday 22nd of June 2012

I love these invitation any idea where i can purchase them or something similiar?