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Alana’s DIY Nursery


This is a comfortable and calm DIY nursery for our first sweet baby girl. I love crafts! So there is some of that going on.

Design Inspiration

This nursery was a special place even before Alana was born. We've been married for 6 years and finally, to our parents delight, were pregnant with our first baby. We were excited to design a space that would symbolize our preparation for becoming parents. This was the last room in our house to decorate since we had moved in a few years ago. Previously, it was our office/space for things that didn't have a home. So it's been a huge transformation! Shout out to my hubby for all his hard work in painting and putting up trim while I was pregnant! Once we finished her room we would both catch each other sitting in the glider, day dreaming of what it would be like to hold our little girl. Now my favorite part of the day is peeking in Alana's crib in the morning and being greeted by her big gummy smile! On the practical side, one of the first things I started to base my design off of was her bedding. Also, the feathers on the mobile were inspired by a pair of earrings that I saw in a shop in Chicago and the wall color is form a journal that I have.

Decorating Style

Eclectic. I love to use what we have or have been given and make it work! I also love to shop for things that I'm attracted to. Therefore, it ends up being a mix of styles.

Project Details

Curtains: Overstock

Bedding: Babies R Us

Branch for Mobile: Marshalls

Night Stand: Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Dresser: IKEA

Crib: Hand-me-down but probably from Target, we sanded and painted the top grey parts because of my niece's bite marks

Lamp: Made by our dad probably in the 70's

DIY Lamp Shade: Pinterest
(some of the pins were my grandma's and others I found at an antique store)

Prints above Crib: DandDDigitalDelights on Etsy

Painted Frames with Prints: Marc's

Wall Feather: Hobby Lobby

Bird Sculpture: Hobby Lobby

Squirrel Night Light: Land of Nod

Picture Frames: T.J. Maxx

White Flower: Marshalls, we used fishing line and hot glue to make the flower stand up in the frame

Frame around Flower: Hobby Lobby

Chevron Toy Basket: Gabriel Brothers

DIY Pillow: First attempts at using a sewing machine

Crates: Jo-ann Fabrics, don't forget coupons!

Diaper Box: Target

Bird Cage Wall Decor: Kohl's

Laundry Basket: Babies R Us

Diaper Pail: Babies R Us

Closet Curtain: Bed Bath and Beyond

Hat Box: Michaels

Glider: Hand-me-down

DIY Hair Clip Container: My husband and I made it on a date at a paint your own pottery place

Favorite Items

I was really excited how the mobile turned out. I also love the rabbit in the top crate because my dad picked it out for Alana. It sings Jesus loves me when you squeeze it!


Start with an object that you love and then build everything off of that. Also take lots of pictures on your phone of the items you have already so when you are shopping you can see what things in the store will look like along side of them. Lastly, thank your family and friends if a lot of your nursery items were a gift!