Airplane Birthday Party

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When I learned that you could rent out space for parties at the Flight museum I was so excited! Ryan loves anything to do with planes so I knew it was a perfect venue.  There are two party areas to chose from and I chose the hangar area because there was more natural light and the clouds on the walls worked perfectly with our decorations!

Design Inspiration

I found a lot of inspiration from the party blogs/sites that I frequent - HWTM, Kara's Party ideas, Project Nursery ect...and Pinterest was a huge source - I think I have viewed every airplane party that is documented online! So many cute ideas and inspiration out there! I loved the runway table cloth and place settings that were featured on the Amy Atlas blog so I recreated it for Ryan's party. 

Decorating Style

Fun and modern. Love using bright colors!

Project Details

Printables: DimplePrints (Invitations, Hats, Labels, Placemats, Napkin wrappers, water wraps, and banners)

Cake & Airplane cookies: Society Bakery

Model Biplanes:

Wooden model airplanes (for kids to decorate):

Cake Topper - Created using Cricut

Candy bags: purchased at Swoozies (I created and added labels myself)

Candy Jars: Michaels

Pilot Aviators: The Children's Place

More info:

Favorite Items

I loved the runway tables and how the place settings turned out!

I also loved the cake and the topper that I made to go on it.



I attempted to make Cotton Candy "Clouds" but they basically disintegrated once I had them out on display! I have no idea what caused that - so be careful!

For the runway tablecloths I used craft paper that I found at Hobby Lobby (in the teaching supply area). The tables at the museum were 35" inches wide so I had to get the roll cut - finding a place that would cut it was difficult! My husband took one of the rolls to Home Depot and they cut it using their blind cutter. However, I went back two days later to get the second one cut and they said they couldn't do it! I even explained that they just cut one for us but they still wouldn't help me out. We ended up trying another Home Depot and they had no problem cutting it for us. So I guess it all depends on who you find working - good luck!


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