Aiden and Mia’s Shared Room

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I've been working on this room since Aiden was born. We painted it blue and a year and a half later learned we were expecting a girl! We switched up the crib bedding and added some art and we're almost done!


Design Inspiration

Obviously the hours I have spent perusing Pinterest influenced me :) Mostly I let Aiden and his play guide me. He likes room to play so we left the middle of the room. He likes to know where everything is, so everything has it's place. And I love having small meaningful things from family and friends sprinkled throughout the room

Decorating Style

Evolving! I love modern, I love boho chic, but mostly I love anything organized and pretty!

Project Details

Crib, dresser/changer, and glider: Petite Pram. (The crib and glider were gifts! The glider is Dutailier)

Bed: PB Teen

Bookcase: Expedit from Ikea

Armoire: Pottery Barn (also a gift!)

Art: Etsy and DIY (you can see all of them on my blog Shoes Off Please)

Favorite Items

Hmm... I love both gallery walls. The one in the reading corner because it's some of Aiden's first paintings and photos of people he loves, and the other one is a collection of things I really love.

But I also love the bedding and the small meaningful gifts from people.

A toss up?


We collected over time. Buying when we could afford it, saying yes to gifts when they were offered, and a lot of the time just going for it and saying it's okay to make mistakes. 


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    Thank you, thank you! Anyone who calls my baby a cutie obviously knows what they’re talking about ;)

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