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Adventurer’s Dream Nursery


I started this project because I never had a chance to design a room for Hudson since we moved two weeks after he was born and now we live in a place that doesn't have any shopping and is nearly impossible to get furniture shipped in. But thanks to the help from several beautiful companies we were able to make his room come to life! I was inspired by my son's need for adventure. He always wants to explore new things and is eager to learn so I wanted to create a room for him that stimulated his growing brain. The goal was to include as many shapes and letters as possible with a little splash of color.

It was a bit difficult not being able to see the products in person before committing to them (shipping here isn't easy so I didn't even want to think about returns) but amongst all of the craziness my interior design skills blossomed and I created a room I will forever be obsessed with. I was very patient with my choices and I think that had a lot to do with it's success. It took about two months total to complete the room but a lot of that was spent waiting for products to arrive. The crib and wallpaper were the first two pieces to arrive which was super encouraging because they both looked fantastic together! Everything else was added as it came and eventually we got this finished masterpiece ;)

My husband built the frames, shelves and dresser which sparked an idea and lead us to deciding we wanted to start our own wood shop so stay tuned for that! I also DIYed the black felt bunting banner that is hanging next to his dresser. I'm not the best DIYer but I am really happy with how it turned out. I mean, it wasn't very complicated or anything but still I'm very proud haha!

If I were to give anybody tips or advice on creating a space for their children I would say get your inspiration from watching them. It was the best feeling ever watching Hudsons eyes light up when he walked into his finished room. I can tell he absolutely loves it. Also, be patient. Don't try to rush it! I was on a bit of a schedule so I ordered everything as quickly as possible once I decided on what I wanted but otherwise I would have taken my time and slowly added pieces that I found overtime. It doesn't have to be perfect right away.


Saturday 13th of October 2018

This nursery is so beautiful!! I love the color scheme and the little details. Where did you get the rug that’s inside the teepee?

Michelle Segal

Sunday 2nd of October 2016

I LOVE this nursery! So cute, great job. :)

Where did you purchase the crib?

Thank you!