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Adalyn and Emilia


I wanted to design a room for my twin girls that did not feel overly nursery. Babies are only babies for a short period so I am hoping this is a room they can grow into.

Design Inspiration

I found the York wallpaper first and then designed the room around the colors in the paper. I love the two dormers in the room and thought they were perfect for a twins room so each girl will have their own space someday.

Decorating Style


Project Details

Benjamin Moore - Stem Green York Wallpaper - Just Kids: Damask Divas Blue and Green Panel Letter Decals - Designed in Illustrator and sent file to Fast Signs to have cut into vinyl Oversized shag rug - Twist n' Shout in Monkey color Throw Rug - Target Oversized chair that converts into bed - JcPenney, custom upolstry order Toy Boxes - light blue from UKID Chandeliers - Gallery 802 Dressers - Old furniture that we painted white, then added colorful glass knobs Drapes - Bed, Bath and Beyond Floor Pillows - Pier One Crib Bedding - Sweet Kyla Bloomers Mini Crib Bedding Cribs - DaVinci Emily Mini Cribs

Favorite Items

Wallpaper behind cribs and behind long dresser. I love the colors in the wallpaper and the modern damask pattern. Once I found the wallpaper I knew the color palette for the room Refinished Dressers. You should have seen these old dressers before we refinished them. They were an awful dark oak stain with gold treasure chest handles. Chandeliers: Each chandelier is on it's own switch and dimmer so that if one baby cries in the middle of the night, the other baby will not be woken up when I turn on the light over the crying baby's crib. Dormers add personal space for twins. We chose the mini cribs for the dormers because they were the only cribs that convert into twin sized beds. We know that babies are only babies for a small amount of time and wanted cribs they could grow into and wouldn't crowd the room like typical cribs that turn into full sized beds.


Find one item that you love and build the room around that item. For me it was the wallpaper.


Wednesday 4th of January 2012

I love the idea but the cribs are too far apart for twins and no crib should ever be put anywhere near a window for safety reasons.


Tuesday 11th of May 2010

I love everything in this room! The whites and the pastels look so yummy. Even the chandeliers look so sweet and yummy. And the wallpaper, too. And, as cottonlily said, it's nice you are thinking ahead into the future, when the twins are a bit older and when they need their own private spaces. But don't overdo that. I think the cribs are too far from each other. I think they should be placed side by side. Twins need a lot of bonding, in my opinion. They have no concept of private spaces for now. Especially when they've been cramped together inside your belly for nine months. They're gonna want to curl up next to one another.


Tuesday 11th of May 2010

I think that this room is a great use of space.


Tuesday 4th of May 2010

I'm bothered that Adalyn and Emilia won't be seeing much of each other when they're inside their cribs.  But I just adore the  green that you picked!  And I love the classical decals you used!


Wednesday 28th of April 2010

This room is huge! The girls are very lucky to have such space to play and grow. I like how you're thinking of the future, rather than limiting your design to the infant stage. I love the colors and especially the wallpaper. The only thing I wouldn't be able to digest is that huge dormer separating the children. I think for older children it would be fine, but that wall almost seems an obstacle between the babies. I can see myself tripping over the bookcase and ducking under the dormer going from crib to crib, crib to crib.