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We decided on a park theme for her nursery. Her wall says "everyday with you in my life is like a walk in the park"

Design Inspiration

An old bench from my grandma's backyard

Decorating Style

clean, fun

Favorite Items

The 7 foot tall tree in her wall


take your time and be sure the design is not something you would mind looking at for the first two years at least.

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  1. avatar Recreate says:

    Oh my, I think it’s fabulous that you made the butterflies and the trees form a curving pattern.  It denotes some kind of movement or action, and it makes the decals much more interesting.  I also like that canopy on her crib, did you do that yourself?

  2. avatar Dandelion says:

    I love how you have that ego wall up there featuring Charlie’s ultrasound pictures and other photographs.  That’s a nice touch.  Great work on this room, mixing the patterns and the black and pinks.