A Triplet Nursery!

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Affording a nursery for 3 baby girls wouldn't have been possible if I hadn't started from scratch. Being able to pick out my own colors, patterns and design and have them all sewn together really made it original. All the crafts, pillows and drapes in the room are hand-made , painted-giving it just the personal touch I wanted for my girls. My sister in law sewed the bedding for me and did an amazing job. It's definitely my dream nursery!

Design Inspiration

I love turquoise. The turquoise, red and white theme really came to life!

Decorating Style

Pretty modern with a little playful whimsical touch.


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    My hat goes off to you for having TRIPLETS and putting together such a cute nursery for them. The colors combo is really fun. Enjoy your sweet babies!

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    I cannot imagine how it’s like to set up a nursery for triplets. But I’m sure it’s exciting and very challenging. And it will only become more and more so when they start to develop their own personalities.

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    What a cute nursery for the girls! I am sure you are going to have a lot of fun with them.
    Like my mom said “Never a dull moment”. You see….I am a triplet also. Three girls.
    My mother had a boy and a girl and that was their complete family….so they thought.
    LOL. My brother was 6 years old and my sister was 14 months old when she brought us (triplets) home from the hospital. Good luck with the girls! Have lots of Tea Party’s!

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    I’m in love!!!!! I am looking to do this same color scheme for a sated toddler girl & baby boy room. I wish I was good with a sewing machine so I could attempt to make the bedding myself. This looks amazing!

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