A Toadstool Inspired Baby Shower

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My Mother and I planned me my dream baby shower( but I was surprised with the final results)! I love Toadstool, Gnomes and woodland creatures, so she truly created a Gnomes paradise!

Design Inspiration

Toadstools, Gnomes, and the outdoors!

Decorating Style

Vintage, neutral, natural, and eclectic

Project Details

The paper rings were super easy to make (just like the countdown rings in elementary school) and added a very cute whimsical touch.The handmade Iron-on- Onesies were also a huge hit!!

Favorite Items

The tent, Table Decor,Craft Areas, Dessert and Candy Table


Think outside the box, shop around, do your research and do not be afraid to try and be creative!!


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    Wow, such a gorgeous shower…love all the whimsical cute details! You’re such a stunning preggo…congrats on your baby girl! :)

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