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A Sunny Happy Place


We had just moved when we found out we were expecting baby #4 and, without a room for baby, we added another bedroom to our new home by converting the would-be office into a happy little nursery for Emmie.

Design Inspiration

I totally fell for the Riley Blake Sunny Happy Skies fabric.  We had already decided we wanted to go with orange and white on the walls and this was a happy girly compliment to the colors.  The result is cheerful and fun - perfect for a sweet baby girl who will all-too-quickly become an energetic toddler.

Decorating Style

I love vintage design with pops of color and decorating on a budget.  The hubs does not feel the vintage love, but does appreciate DIY and budget decor.   We're practical and didn't bother with items we didn't feel were useful enough for us with our older children, including a rocker or bumper pad, and we left lots of open space to grow with Emmie.  We know we'll need room for toys and books and art that will come as she grows.

Project Details

Crib passed down from older siblings.  Crib bedding and changing pad cover made by grandma.  Handed down changing table from Pottery Barn, baskets spray painted to update.  Curtains from Zulily.  Photo by DW Photography.  Closet carpet tiles from Flor.  Restored dresser from Vintage Key Antiques.  Beaver print from Bunch of Bees on Etsy. 

Favorite Items

I can't pick one thing - my favorite part is that we pulled it all together ourselves (with some helping hands from our family).   Everything from hanging the board and batton on the walls to painting, making artwork, installing the closet carpet... was done in love and anticipation of sweet Emmie joining our busy family.


Don't be afraid to tackle new projects.  Research how-to tutorials online, look for inspiration on this website, and remember you're making a space you'll love for a person you'll love even more - how can you go wrong?  

Diane Mathias

Sunday 2nd of September 2012

Bright orange indeed gives a happy, cheerful and overall positive vibe. And what I like about this room is that despite the dominantly orange color, it still looks clean.


Saturday 1st of September 2012

I like the orange, white and turquoise combination, as well as that curiosity box or frame, with the photo and booties.